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Just remember that sometimes the way you think about a person isnt the way they actually are -john green

Summer here in Hong Kong is miserably hot and humid (yes, worse than Florida) however, we had a small break from the hot when a typhoon made it's way toward HK. When signal 1 first was given, I was so confused because it was sunny outside and no sign of a typhoon at all. Eventually, the signal went up to about a 3 and the rain began. 

The signals go all the way up to 10 and usually at about a signal 8 it is bad enough to be sent home from work, however, we only got up to a signal 3.
Because I was stuck inside for a bit while the rain ruined my days off, I decided to play Betty Crocker and try out a new recipe I found on Pinterest for cinnamon walnut muffins from scratch. They were a hit, and so delicious. My mom would have been so proud.

Sticking to my usual topic of food, I now have so much American food in my pantry, and I am so happy about it! It started with my mom sending me a package with lots of goodies in it.

Next, I discovered Caliburger in Wan Chai, and had to try it out.
 Some of the Filipino performers  have talked about Jollibee before and I knew I wanted to try it. Some of the GM cast took a mini field trip to test it out. I decided it kind of reminded me of a mash up between KFC and McDonalds.

Sticking with American food, Kelsey and I ventured to Taco Tuesday at Tequila Jacks (missing Tina!) and had some pretty good tacos.
 But coming home on the mtr was a nightmare because the trains were running really really slowly due to a signal failure.

 And the trains were literally crammed with people.

 And finally, an old favorite, 85 South was my most recent American food stop.

One of the face characters found a store in central called A&M Grocery and it sells American food in big cosco sized bundles. This products are things I have lived without for the last 9 months so excuse my extremely excited and shocked faces.

Heaven. Last night I ate cookie dough then played with my turtles, so when I contract salmonella, you will all know why. Speaking of the my babies, yes, the turtles are doing so well. I got them a bigger tank and they are enjoying all the room they have now. I was having a hard time getting them to eat, and someone recommended I try small fish. This was one of the most traumatic experiences ever. First of all, I had to go the wet market where the ground is all wet and the fish are being sold alive to be eaten that night, and there was a big basket of toads (I am terrified of frogs), and lots of people trying to sell you things. It was a mess. Eventually, I get to the place where I am trying to buy these fish and I asked the man in Cantonese how much it will cost. He immediately impressed by my Cantonese begins speaking so fast in Cantonese and I have no idea what he is saying. Finally, I buy the fish, blah blah blah, and take them home. I pour some of them in the tank then walk away for a minute. When I come back, there are small little fish all over the floor outside the tank, hopping around. I could have cried. I was freaking out. Basically the tank was too shallow and these darn fish could jump freakishly high and get out of the tank. Also the turtles were terrified of them and didnt want to eat them anyways.

But alas, I finally got them to eat some red worms.

On my days off, I have been volunteering at Greenpark preschool. Lucky, Karson, and Sasa have been so helpful and I have started getting to know the kids so I am planning on coming to class when I can. The first week I came it was fairytale week of their summer camp, so they printed out some big pictures of Belle and had me tell the story of Beauty and the Beast to the kids. They are pretty smart and some had heard it already so they helped me out. After, we colored Belle masks, these made me chuckle. 

 The second time I came back we took a little field trip to the plaza upstairs and got spaghetti. It reminded me so much of the days of working as a camp counselor at the YMCA.
Karson showed me around Fanling Old Town a bit after class, and I even got to try old Chinese traditional herbal tea out of a bowl. Cheers!

Greenpark was so nice and gave me a gift for helping out in the classroom. It is a painting of my name is Chinese characters created into animals. It is so beautiful, thanks again Greenpark! It is already hanging on my wall.

A friend of mine here named Annabelle, invited me to go on a Junk Boat with some of her friends on my day off last week, and it was seriously one of the best days I have ever had here in HK. I brought Kelsey along with me because she was off too. So first of all, a junk boat is a really popular summer time activity where you rent a big boat for a day and they usually cater and have activities like banana boat, slides, etc for you to do on it. 

holding a jelly fish

wake boarding for the first time ever

It was so much fun. I am planning to go with them again in August, yay! Annabelle and her partners also just opened a crossfit center in Lai Chi Kok and I was able to go check it out yesterday with my friend Ting. We took a kick boxing class, which produced a lot of giggles between the two of us.
I love my Ting-erbell. It was also Chinese Valentines day and Ting was my valentine (:

After our work out, we rewarded ourselves with an egg tart.

So every Sunday, this contract, it has become tradition to have movie night in my room. The past few weeks some people have brought goodies to share and one of the best was giant poky sticks!

Finally, my last adventure I want to share about is my visit to Repulse Bay. It is a temple on a beach, and I visited both areas. 

This water fountain cracked me up because there is cold water on one side and warm water on the other. Most people here drink warm water and not cold water.

Last but not least, thanks again to the amazing super fans for always taking the best pictures!

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