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todays special moments are tomorrows memories -Genie (Aladdin)

Since I only have about 57 more days in Hong Kong, I have been making the most of every second of it. Some of my very favorite people here I do not get to see outside of work ever are the costumers. They work so hard and incredibly long hours doing seven shows every single day. Maybe I just have a lot of compassion towards costumers because my mom did it for years so I understand all the hard work they do. Anyways, I finally got to spend some time outside of work with them and they showed Ivenise and I a wonderful Korean BBQ place. It was such a blast.
Eva, the crazy girl eating straight up with the cooking tongs ha

Cobe! (note that my share a coke campaign name says "star" in Chinese)

Sesame flavored ice cream...that was a little strange

The girls

we also took a million polaroids 

Yum... bbq octopus (sorry cora!) (no I did not actually eat that)
I had another gathering with some of the stage managers and cast for GM this week when we got together to do Chinese karaoke. I have no idea why karaoke is such a big thing to do here, but seriously, it is so popular. The place we went to was super nice though where you had your own party room that looked like a recording studio. In the hall is the buffet style dinner with endless amounts of food. I had a lot of fun with the group, even though I did not understand most of the songs being sung. I am relatively familiar with one Cantonese song that is similar to the cha cha slide back home and I gave my best effort to sing it (and SOME of the words are actually right ha) and do part of the dance....(this is so embarrassing I can not believe I am posting this haha)

Ting, Yuki, Kate, and I are hard core rockers
I had a chance to catch up with Mavis and Ivan again this week as well, and we went back to the Thai place we went to last time because it was so delicious. They were super busy this time but it was totally worth the wait. After they took me to a popular dessert cafe in Yuen Long known as B Xi where we had hot dog in peanut sauce with sesame(not a fan...) and this dessert that is made with mangos and boba ...the best way to describe it is like a mango slush. I also saw some superfans and technicians from work there. So strange accidentally running into people I know here cause it never ever happens.

B Xi

The past two weeks I have been able to mark a lot of things off my Hong Kong bucket list. One of these things was to visit the Flower and Bird market. The flower market was beautiful and smelled really great. The bird market did not smell so great and was really loud, but it was kind of cool cause you could hold some of the birds and take pictures with them (I did not hold any however).

Another place on my bucket list was called Jolly Thinkers. It is a board game cafe, and honestly, not as cool as I thought it might be. The place was covered bottom to top in board games that one might never find anywhere else though and that was kind of neat. I managed to snag a single photo that does not do it justice at all.

Now, this next thing was not exactly on my bucket list, but I had read about it in my guide books and when I accidentally managed to run into it on the street, I had to take the opportunity to see it in person, so don't judge too harshly. There are these older women who sit under the highway and if you pay them about $5 USD, they will beat "a petty person". Beating the petty person, or da siu yan, is a cultural ritual that is popular in HK to curse your enemy and bring you luck. Once you sit down, you write your enemys' name on a piece of ceremonial tissue paper then the older woman, or beater, will beat this tissue paper and feed them to the mouth of the tiger. They then take a second paper that you write your name on, which they bless. It was an interesting experience haha.
Sorry this video is sideways ): I couldn't flip it (Bethany, don't yell at me!).

I feel like such a proud mom. I have to post pictures of my turtles cause they are so cute!
Lumiere snoozing 

Cogsworth thinks he can fly in his sleep...

Lumiere has a little too much energy sometimes and often finds himself flipped over....

So this week at work was really incredibly difficult. Over the last ten days I just performed 22 shows, and I am exhausted. I finally have days off this week and I could not be more ready for it.

This one made me chuckle. Also this superfan is awesome and made me cookies..on HER birthday! What a gem.

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