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reasons to be a mermaid...no pants, no periods, perfect hair, you can lure men to their death, and free clam bra.

So things in Hong Kong are a little crazy right now but first of all I want to let you know I am safe and living anywhere located near the protest. Last night the closest I got to all of it was when I came outside at Causeway Bay and saw many many people sitting in the street. Last night was when the police used tear gas and shot rubber bullets but today they have retreated. I could not deal with all the people simply changing their profile picture on facebook or wearing the yellow ribbon pin. I wanted to do something so today I went to Mong Kok and joined the rally. Since the police are gone, the term "riot" I do not believe is being used correctly. This is a peaceful protest. I have witnessed some of the most genuine kindness today and wish the HK government could see the unity the Hong Kong people have formed.
Last night before the tear gassing began

This says this car can be loaned out to anyone who wants to use it to buy water or supplies for the protesters

Mong Kok this afternoon before the rally spread as far as Prince Edward

abandoned stranded buses that stuck in the middle of the protest

Free food and water ration stations are everywhere! So many people have donated it is amazing

News and camera crews have climbed up ontop of the roof of the mtr stations trying to film the many speakers who are using megaphones to encourage the protesters

This sign is telling the Chief Executive Officer to resign  

Some of the barricades made with items found on the street zip tied together

This bus was deliberately parked in the middle of the street to help block off the roads. It also has been decorated by the people with many posters and stickers encouraging the democracy  

Stores in the middle of the protest offering free phone charging 

Even in the middle of a protest, these signs are still encouraging people to recycle. I mean come on, how much more peaceful can you get??

People on the street helping to build barricades to block off the roads

The whole protest kind of looks like an apocalypse taking place because people have taken refuge on the streets. The movement is called Occupy Central. China has blocked google and facebook already but as of last night they added instagram to the list and told the Chinese people that the gathering in Hong Kong is actually because of National Day coming up on October 1. It is absolutely crazy because people are worried about this peaceful protest becoming another Tianamen Square incident, and literally 24 hours before it happened I was standing in Tianamen Square in Beijing. Anyways, please just keep HK in your prayers and hopefully everything will be ok.

In good news, as most of you already know, I HAVE A JOB WHEN I GO HOME! YAY!! This is really a total blessing because I have been stressing about this a lot since I leave in about 38 days now. I received an email earlier in the week asking me to fill out some paperwork for Walt Disney World in Orlando and to expect a phone call at 2pm (which is 2am my time) for a phone interview for a character performer position. A phone interview at 2am meant trying to keep myself awake all night to anticipate that, so of course, I watched a scary movie with some friends, and boy did it work. I was wide awake, haha (but don't worry we had some yummy treats while we watched... I had this super weird soft serve 7/11 ice cream cone thing...lol)

Anyways, the phone interview consisted of about one question before the woman offered me a full time position starting October 15 (about 3 days after I get home). I am very excited to have the opportunity to do meet and greets with a very special little mermaid and possibly some furry opportunities with Pluto. Some of my friends here in Hong Kong have shared in the excitement by posting this picture on my work locker.... (haha)
Kelsey also has ofFISHly bought me my first Ariel piece for my treasure collection...

If you want to visit Ariel, she should be ready to go around Halloween, and would love for you to swim on by.

On another Disney note, Jasmine and I were able to go watch the Disney Live! performance here in Hong Kong on Thursday. Long story short, we were really lucky and got to sit next to and converse the casting director and one of her associates. They were very sweet and told us to audition for them any time, which is promising (gotta love networking). The show itself was great and really fun to watch. Totally being bias, the Beauty and the Beast scenes were my favorite. I forget how much I love the music from that show.

Then after the show we got pepper lunch, which of course is never a bad ending to anything!
And if you are not in the mood for something like pepper lunch you can always get a sandwich.....and don't worry, if you don't know what that is, there is a definition for you on the menu....

This past week, I got to experience something I really was not so sure about, but ended up being pretty cool. My good friend Flow has some crazy connections here and we were able to go to a Thai Boxing Match, where we ended up sitting in these front row seats with some pretty important people. I am pretty sure everyone there thought I was some sort of celebrity because there were so many cameras on me the entire night and I had no idea how to react. It was nuts. As far as the boxing went, it was pretty entertaining to watch. I was hoping not to get bled or sweat on the whole time however, haha.

 There was also the tradition Lion and Dragon dances, which I love and thought were great!
Thanks Flow for the invite!

Now that it is September, we have finally finished our peak season and doing 7 shows everyday. We are now back to 5 shows every weekday and 6 shows every weekend (not that it really matters cause I am usually 3 shows daily anyways). The only depressing thing about this is now I have to sit around all day and can't ever leave early or come in late. Ivenise, Ting, Rainie, and I took advantage of our standby time the other day to go watch Lion King and play in the park a bit.

 Also, ran into Ryo at Lion King, our littlest-biggest superfan!
The sense of community this contract is much more apparent to me and I am really gonna miss some of these people a whole lot. This week Jasmine is back home in Australia (and I already miss her tons!) but before she left we had a pizza and heads up game night, where we all laughed so hard all five of us thought we might pee our pants.
This upcoming week is a HK holiday called Mid Autumn Festival.I was told lighting lanterns is a big part of this holiday (Rapunzel would totally love it) and in preparation, I got my own Belle lantern. Let me warn you the lanterns you are thinking in your head is not exactly what this is. They are like plastic balloons you blow up with lights inside of them (mine also plays twinkle twinkle).

This thing is probably the size of my leg by the way. Another Hong Kong traditional gift is a stamp with your name on it, so I had one custom made for me for like $4 USA.
The big talk of Disneyland Hong Kong for awhile now has been the night parade. Everyone has been working really hard and I CAN NOT WAIT for everyone to see it because it is AMAZING! (and that is all I can say about it.) 

Before I leave behind my big yellow gown and earn my fin, I am soaking in every moment I can with my favorite princess who made all my dreams come true. A huge thank you to all the fans out there who have taken wonderful pictures that I will treasure forever. 

Also I really love this picture, because it is titled the kiss, but I am pretty sure Belle never kissed the Beast, haha, but it totally looks like it! 

Thank you Disney for making my dreams come true <3

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