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You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.

So I have been back in Orlando about 3 weeks now, and I finally feel like I am starting to get my life back together. So quick update from Disney since that is probably the thing most people are even reading my blog to get information about. I came home October 12 and started the paperwork process on Oct 15. From there I was suppose to have Traditions (orientation) on October 25, however, I was still adjusting to the time difference, and somehow managed to sleep in and miss it! So I had to reschedule for this past Saturday, Nov 1, which just pushes my training back (blah!!). Anyways, made it to traditions this time and sat through about 9 and a half hours of Disney history (for the second time), however, this time was full of a few more surprises. First of all, I earned my ears!

Tommy, Lauren, Rachel, John, and I (my table buddies...who were awesome!)
 We also had a small appearance in Magic Kingdom where I said hello to my new "home"....
Now that Disney orientation is done, I move on to Entertainment orientation on Wednesday then Thursday I finally get to begin training first for my furry puppy friend. If things go smoothly I could be in the parks with this friend by Saturday. I have been told from here it could be a bit of time before beginning training for my fishy friend and I don't know the time line for this just yet either...trying to stay patient. This process seems much longer compared to HK. 

Speaking of HK, this morning I actually re-auditioned to possibly go back to Hong Kong at some point in time (possibly March or October of next year). Audition went well and stayed till the end and got to sing "Something There" for the first time in about three weeks. So strange how emotional it made me feel. Also had to sing a Calamity Jane song for Miss Kitty callbacks (that has been stuck in my head all day). Sooo...maybe see you again soon Hong Kong?

Another audition I had recently was for the Disney Cruise Line in New York City about a week and a half ago. It rained the entire time I was there and it was freezing but I made it to the end of the face character/look a like/ character performer call but got cut immediately from the vocalist call. The three girls they did keep from the vocalist call were much older than I was though, so it was not too discouraging. I also got to spend a little time roaming around NYC with my friends from my hometown, Katie and Rachel.
Times Square

Random protest broke out in times square..i swear protests are following me now

Disney store in times square....channeling my inner Rapunzel

Vocalist audition...lots of people

rachel, katie, and i trekking through the rain

accidentally matching

I was so happy because I even found Japanese Ramen!!! 

When I am not running all over the world, I have actually taken some time to get my life together here in Orlando. I bought a car...meet my little purple (violet-grey) Ford Fiesta Julio!

I also have moved out of my mom's house and into a house with my now roommate Rachel and her adorable dog Addie that is much closer to Disney. Here is some of the pictures of my room on the second floor and my balcony and of course my new best friend, Addie.

Some things that have kind of brought me back to a sense of normalcy though is hanging out with my girl Jayne at Downtown Disney and Universal and also getting to meet a beautiful sea princess at SeaWorld for Halloween.

My mom also took me Universal to show me the new Harry Potter expansion and holy cow it is awesome. 

I am already a little theme park-ed out because we checked out Spooktacular at SeaWorld within the same week and went trick or treating with my nieces.Ailey and Etta were dolphin trainers for Halloween so it was only fitting we headed to SeaWorld.

For Halloween my mom and I decorated a trunk for trunk or treat (kids get candy out of peoples decorated car trunk at church). Our theme was Monsters, INC. I had a blast until the mosquitoes came out.

I have done a few other things since being home like checked out a Solar Bears game and carved Halloween pumpkins. 

My pumpkin says "lumos" which is a spell from Harry Potter that casts light. The back had punched holes with a trail of pixie dust. All in all, it has been a weird adjustment being back, but I am slowly working my way back into normal.

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Emily said...

The picture of you at the audition has two girls I went to college in it! Small world! Love the halloween costume idea!

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