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im too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener

Happy Memorial Day everyone. Apparently I only write on my blog when it is a holiday now....

So not too much has changed here, but still working lots with my good friends at Disney. I have more of a consistent schedule now which is nice, especially since I have rehearsals every night for Legally Blonde. Just a reminder I am Serena in the show (which is one of the supporting leads that sings a bit) and the show is suppose to be sometime at the end of July-ish (currently no show dates). The girls in the show with me are great though and I have made some new buddies I get to chill with a lot. They also allow me to keep my sanity while going through the rehearsal process. 

Cat (Margot), me, Jana (Elle), and Lena (Pilar)

New housemate, Mattie, and I have been adjusting to our new home life, as well as our new friends....
Sebastian (red one) and Hagrid (big one)
Previous housemate, Rachel, has moved on to bigger and better things and is taking her chopsticks training to heart because girl is in Shanghai now! So jealous Ariel got to say bye to her, especially because she brought her the coolest treasure!

There is a chance I might get to see her though because this past week was the Shanghai/ Hong Kong lookalike audition. I went and made it past the dance type out. I got to read on tape and fill out paperwork for both parks. A few days later was the Hong Kong vocalist audition for the new show. I initially sang and was kept to stay with about 5 other girls. First up to sing...."Let it Go" from Frozen. I was very worried about this one but I busted out the low notes and cracked through the top ones, ha. I got to put it on tape and thankfully the notes came out clearly (and not cracked) this time. Next was "When Will My Life Begin" from Rapunzel, which I was extremely excited about. Finally, a little "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid. I put all three songs on tape and as I am about to leave, she decides to throw "Touch the Sky" from Brave...and oh yeah, in a Scottish accent. No idea what that even sounded like but I just rolled with it and it was pretty fun. If it is to be, I will hear back toward the end of July, so we will see. 

I also recently auditioned for Universal Studios. I sang for the Beetlejuice show and received a call back for the Bride of Frankenstein. I am not fully the right type for this show but it was fun to belt it out and dance around. I also saw some old buddies, like Joey!

Theme park life is great but I am really missing doing professional level theatre. There is a chance Ariel and I might be going on a little voyage but I am not sure yet because I am still in the call back process for it. I also auditioned for the Orlando Shakespeare Theatre and had callbacks for Spamalot where I had one of the most fun dance calls ever. I was presented with the opportunity to understudy for the villain in the show The Princess Frog, but unfortunately I had a conflict (BECAUSE I AM COMING TO MICHIGAN FOR A VISIT SOON YAY!) and had to turn it down. Michigan folks, I will be there July 16-19....shoot me a message because I would love to see some of you! 

Life is not all work here, though it is a majority of life right now. I have about 4 more weeks of classes till I am on summer break from school. I think I should be able to complete my degree for sure by next spring, possibly sooner. I took a little early summer break though to head to Typhoon Lagoon with some of the other Disney folk. We had a great day and lots of fun!

 I also had the opportunity to cross hang-gliding off my bucket list this weekend. Mike and I took a spontaneous trip to Davenport to go hang-gliding. It was so much fun. They connect the glider to a plane, which takes you up to 2000 feet and then they disconnect you to human kite style back down to the Earth. Luckily you are with an instructor flying tandem so they do the steering for you.

 The place was called Wallaby Ranch and it was beautiful. After our flight they fed us a wonderful brunch and we got to hang around the ranch for a bit. I found a new parrot friend, who only knew how to say hello to girls, and took a nap in the most amazing chair ever. We also watched the ranch owners feed these giant crane bird things.

Mike is also the best because he surprised me with tickets to go see the Beauty and the Beast tour as it came through Orlando. We sat ten rows back from the stage and he didn't even laugh when I cried the whole time. What a gem.

I have a few more auditions coming up this month and then for the most part, audition season is slowing down a bit (in Orlando at least). Nothing too exciting on the news front here but just thought it was time for a quick update. Hoping to post pictures of the new house soon as well. Till then.

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