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be careful who you make memories with, those things can last a lifetime -Ugo Eze

I had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off this weekend, which was very nice to catch up on some rest, get some grocery store shopping done, and have a little pool time. 

Sunday I met up with one of my friends from my previous contracts (Flow) and some of his friends to go clam digging at Pui O Beach. I brought Maggie and Vicki along as well and we all had a lovely time. Flow brought along his sugar glider, Bebe, and we had so much fun letting him run around.

At Pui O, the imagine peace festival was going on so there was lots of music and artwork to be found around. One of my favorite pieces was this rainbow circle made out of all the shoes found on the beach.

Although we did not find many big clams, we still had a lot of fun. 

We had dinner in Tung Chung and I was very excited because I got Pepperlunch which is one of my old favorites.The plate is very hot and cooks the meat in front of you.
 Monday came around and it was our first technical day of rehearsal. That morning the production crew from overseas who come along with the show showed up to meet us. They showed us some of what we can expect the set to look like and how things will operate. It is going to look amazing and the show seems really technologically advanced. After, we had a very long time until our vocal rehearsal, so of course, we had to play in the park. 

jungle cruise

The vocal rehearsal allowed us to focus a little more individually rather than as a group this time but it is starting to come together. That night we got done early, so I headed to Tsing Yi to figure out my phone situation. I finally have data and a Hong Kong number and all that fun stuff again. That evening, Allison, Molly, and I went for a relaxing late night swim. I am trying to enjoy these slower days cause I have a feeling its the calm before the storm.

Tuesday began with a costume fitting for the other character I get to portray in the show. The name is the Guardian and the costume really enhances the way the book is going to be brought to life. With a name like "the Guardian" it is impossible not to feel like you are a futuristic bounty hunter who is on some sort of special mission, haha. We then got to sit in on some of the dance rehearsals for the day. The dancers learned almost the entire show today and already are looking fantastic! The show has some very unique styles to it that are more contemporary and super fun. It is going to be very high energy though so keeping up endurance will be much more difficult for this show. After they were finished, it was time for our vocal rehearsal but this time in front of the production director and some of the other heads of the team. Needless to say, it was a little more nerve-wracking. The director wanted us to sing the song as ourselves and not so much the character so they could get a feel for who we were, which was a rather difficult concept to grasp. 

That evening, some of the expats gathered together for a pool party at the hotel to hang out and get to know one another a little better. The Frozen cast is leaving in about three weeks and most are heading to open Shanghai, which is an awesome experience for them.

Tomorrow we once again have the day off. Not too sure what sort of adventure will unfold as of now. On the plus side, the jet lag is getting way better. I am no longer so tired my tired is tired. Also, I have to wish a very berry happy birthday to one of my bestest friends, emily! Hope you have the best day! Love you!

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