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but who cares? no big deal. i want more.

As I think all of you know at this point, I have accepted a contract to return to Hong Kong Disneyland. As far as what I will be doing there, I think some are a little confused. The show I was in a little over a year ago, "The Golden Mickeys" has closed and replacing it is a brand new show that has not been officially announced yet. In the show, I will still be swimming with Ariel but this time I will not be doing character meet and greets with her, but I will be singing in a live action show. I don't know literally anything about this show yet. I don't know if I am on a harness but I am pretty positive I will not be. Also to clear up the confusion, Hong Kong is its own country, but it is located near China(not Japan). Note the map below...
My first contract I felt silly looking this up because I really didn't know where to find it, and since getting my second contract I have noticed a lot of people asking a similar question. 

Backing up quickly, I auditioned for the new show on May 16th and received the contract offer call July 8th. I was at Legally Blonde rehearsal and got to celebrate with some of my cast mates, so that was pretty cool.
I got my paperwork in the mail and finally received my flight information two days before my flight, per usual. 

Although I am still employed at Disney, the companies are very separated. This contract is for 8 months because it is a 2 month rehearsal process and the standard 6 month show contract. This contract ends April 30 and I don't intend on staying for another as of now, but we will see. My future goal has always been Broadway, and I foresee myself moving to NYC at the end of this contract.If necessary, my job with Disney World also remains an option because essentially my job is frozen and awaits me to come back if wanted.

My final swim with Ariel at Disney World was a hard day, but I had many, many friends come visit and share all sorts of love. It was awesome and I am so grateful for my time at this company and the fishy friends I have made.

Mama Mermaid

Ariels very last swim with her very last human and he brought her the chocolate bubbles she and Flounder had been treasure hunting for!

Some of my final days with Ariel on her human legs, she had a very special and unique opportunity to watch the fireworks with the guests and it is something she will never, ever forget.

You can bet that there were lots and lots of starfish snuggles and salt water tears those days. This week there was even more of that when some friends showed us their wizarding side at my Harry Potter themed going away party. 

even moaning myrtle came to party

 My flight is set to leave Saturday, September 12 at 10:55am (Orlando time) where I fly United Airlines to Newark and then fly Newark to Hong Kong. I should arrive in Hong Kong Sunday, September 13 at 7:10am (Orlando time, 7:10pm Hong Kong time). If you need to get a hold of me while I am there, feel free to shoot me a facebook message or message me and ask me for my Hong Kong phone number for any Whatsapp users. It is possible that with my iPhone I can iMessage if you also have an iPhone. Till then, I will continue trying to shove as many gadgets and gizmos as I can into one 50 pound suitcase. ): 

See you soon, little fishy.

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