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home sweet hong kong

I woke up today ready to say bye to the US and knew it would be a long tiring journey. A scheduled 20 hour journey to bring me to the other side of the world…. Could be worse I guess, right? My mom drove me to the airport to see me off. We said our see you soons and I headed off on my journey.

 I checked in for my flight, went through security, converted some of my currency and headed to my gate.

I boarded the plane for my flight from Orlando to Newark, where I had carefully chosen a window seat with no one in the middle seat next to me and had monitored the seat for days to make sure it hadn’t changed. One of the last families to board was a non-American family of four including a small little girl under the age of five and a baby. The mom demanded the man in my row in the aisle seat give up his seat to her and her family so they could all sit together since they were spread all thorough out the plane. The man had his own family sitting in the aisle across from him, including two young children, but eventually he gave in and moved. I was next. The mom also demands I move and after a small debate in my head, as patiently as I can I get up and move to cram myself into the middle seat of almost the back row of the plane. Fuming for most of the journey all I can think is maybe it will be good karma for the next flight. I could not have been more wrong. I already hate flying United Airlines, but Disney books our journey for us to head out this way and this was the airline chosen for us. While at Newark airport, I got to meet up with Allison (who was in Hong Kong the contract before me, who also will be hanging out with the fishy) and LaDawn (hanging out with Tiana).

We boarded the plane and I lucked out in the seat department this time, getting an aisle seat, and no one in the middle seat next to me. This is what I like to call the before picture....

Once we boarded, we waited, and waited, ….and waited. Eventually the captain comes on to tell us that they are having trouble with the power on the plane, so the TV in-flight entertainment systems, the reading lights, and the power charging outlets will not be working for our 15 hour journey. As silly as this sounds, this is probably one of the worst (minor) things that could happen on this long of a flight. Not to mention the wifi won’t be working and the overhead fluorescent lights will be on the entire time we are in flight (super glad I brought my eye mask). This just encouraged a lot of people to talk the entire flight, making it difficult to sleep. Eventually, our 330pm flight got bumped to about 5pm. We start to back out of the gate and the tow bar breaks and we have to wait another half an hour for a new one to come. The pilot at this point comes back on and says we are gonna try to make our take off time but if we aren’t off the run way in 4 minutes the flight will be cancelled because the crew on the plane is legally not allowed to be on the plane for that amount of time. We wait on the runway for about an hour because of course we don’t get off in 4 minutes and then we lost our gate spot. Eventually, we are brought back in to the gate and they tell everyone to get off the plane with our belongings. As we get off we are told the flight is cancelled by the plane crew, and as we step back in to Newark airport, we are told by the ground crew the flight is not cancelled. The flight will be reboarding in 10 minutes and all they are doing is switching crews. Nothing about the plane will be fixed and of course everyone is in an uproar. Eventually we are all shoved back on the plane with the ground crew being extremely unhelpful. I am fuming at this point because it has been four hours of poor communication and frustration. By 730pm the plane finally departs for Hong Kong and I am just glad to be on the way. Needless to say, this is what I call the after picture....
I literally slept on the flight the entire time because there was nothing else to do. I was bored out of my mind. I guess this is was a good thing because we didn't land till 11pm, and we had to still get to our housing and check in and be up at about 7am the next day. I met up with the other two girls as we got off the plane and we went to retrieve our luggage. If I didn't know we were in Hong Kong before, this giant cup of noodles ad on the luggage belt was a great reminder(and laugh)....
But yay!!! we are here!!!

As we came around the corner to be picked up, one of the superfans, Belle was waiting and I was super excited to see her! She brought me my first HK show gift and some snacks and water (lifesaver, thanks so so much belle!).
Candy who picked us up holding our Disney folders with our names on them took us to convert our money and get our octopus cards all set up. We then crammed all three of us in a cab and drove off to Tin Shui Wai where we will live for the duration of the contract. The taxi situation was rather humorous and filled with lots of excitement from Allison and I to be back.

We got to Harbour Plaza Resort City (HPRC), our long term hotel and checked in. Allison and I were placed on the smoking floor which unfortunately means we are being relocated to another room tomorrow and we can't really get settled yet. Tomorrow is usually traditions day but since I did traditions within the year I don't have to do it again! Hooray!! We have our first "rehearsal" tomorrow, which I am not sure if that is an actual rehearsal or just a meeting but either way I am so excited to get to Disneyland again and see everyone! It is about 3am and I am not even the slightest bit tired but I have to be up in about 4 hours, so lets see how this goes.....Goodnight Hong Kong.

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