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on a scale of 1 to Nature Valley granola bar, how much is your life falling apart

Friday was our costume parade where a few select people got to try on the full costume including hair and make up for the show director and the creative team. I mostly hung out with my mermaid in a chair for a very long time waiting for my turn. More changes and adjustments were jotted down and we went about our way. 

Saturday was more of a chores day off. I worked on homework most of the day because my emerging nations class has turned into emerging Cassidys life. I took a break to head to a mall called Elements, where there is a grocery store that is a little more American-ized and just overall has some better products, called Three Sixty. Molly and I were very excited to get our fresh fruits and veggies!

Till we walked outside to catch the bus back home and it was pouring. We had an Amber Rain Warning, which just means it is thunderstorming outside.This is what I like to call the after picture...

 You can't fully tell, but we were absolutely drenched, not to mention the bus air conditioner was on full blast, so it was freezing! (Also, shout out to Molly in my post title, because this is fully how we felt in this moment).

Sunday was a holiday here in Hong Kong called Mid Autumn Festival.  This festival is a harvest festival that celebrates summer ending and fall coming. It is strange to me that this is the first holiday I get to celebrate this contract because it was the last holiday before I celebrated before I left so I feel a little confused. I did however get an Ariel lantern to befriend my Belle lantern I got last year! Too bad they will have to wait about 7 months until I get home for them to meet. 

We started the night off with a little mooncake (which sounds way better than it tastes) and putting together our glow stick creations.

We then took the MTR to Tin Hau where we patiently waited in the street with a million other people, sweating our faces off, waiting for the incense fire dragon to make its way down the street. There were also a few pre show type performances like bag pipes and little girls carrying lanterns. 

Vicki and I giving up and sitting on the ground

Finally, the main event....the fire dragon! This dragon was super long and the overwhelming scent of incense was in the air for what seemed like hours. We also accidentally ran into the dragon about three times trying to get out of the chaos of people, but we lucked out because it allowed us to get some great pictures of it.

From there, we headed to Victoria Park to join what seemed like the entire rest of the city because it was so packed, it was hard to walk. The park was decorated in beautiful lights though and had lots of giant paper lanterns.

aerial view of the packed park

some of the beautiful giant lanterns


Ariane, me, Molly, Amy, and Vicki

 We had a really great time despite the crowds of people and the heat. Also, thanks to Ariane's boyfriend Chris for a lot of these pictures.

Monday was back to work, and back to a lot of hang out time. I have started bringing my homework to work because we have a lot of downtime, and I have a lot of homework... works out nicely, doesn't it? We blocked through our number today though, which is a little tricky to do without the costume and set, but the time will come for that. Only 40 something days till we open!

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