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who let me adult? i can't adult.

Day 1, Monday. Today is normally traditions and Disney University(DU) day, and for the new-new cast, it was, but for everyone else it was more of a review of all the things we had talked about at DU. When I woke up this morning (from my 4 hour nap), the reality of where I was settled in and I was suddenly very excited! 

I got to meet the new girls that are also vocalists in the new show before getting on the bus from HPRC to Disneyland. Most of them are British which I love because I could literally listen to them talk all day long. We took the 45 minute trek to Disneyland where I took this super horrible picture...

(Look for the super tiny welcome to HKDL sign)

We arrived and the newbies split off to go to Traditions and I headed to the rehearsal facility to meet up with everyone else. It was really exciting to see everyone again. A lot of the new show cast is made up of the Golden Mickeys family, but a lot of it are some newer faces coming from other areas of the park. We spent most of the morning watching videos about safety and discussing protocol, so I won't bore you with the details. After lunch we spent some time listening to the show and reading through the material. Let me just tell you that I am super excited for you all to see this show because it is going to be awesome. Annoyingly, I can't really tell you anything but I am very excited for my part. You will just have to wait till November to find out. The Storybook Theater is in the middle of a make over right now but some of this giant,70+ sized cast ran out for a quick picture with our new home.

 I had my first costume fitting today as well and this one is slightly different than previous experiences but it is absolutely beautiful and again I can't wait for the world to see it. I had a lot of downtime to myself today as well, so I went out into the park to watch the 3pm parade. I may or may not have gotten a little misty eyed as well. 

Hi Mickey!
And what is life without a castle selfie...
When we got home from day 1, we did a little grocery shopping at good ol' Park and Shop (for any of you that know this place, they changed their music!!! my mind was blown.). Also talked to the front desk about changing my room from the smoking floor again and it looks like I won't be able to move until around the 18 :/ Absolutely not happy about that, but what can you do.

Day 2 (Tuesday): I had my second fitting for my costume and I am starting to think there is going to be a lot of fittings before they are ready for the show. It is really amazing to see some of the things that have been pieced together thus far though. The afternoon consisted of a my first journey on the MTR since being back. I rode the Disney MTR with some of the Filipino performers into to Jordan near central district to go to a special place.

 The place we were heading was where we had to get our ear molds made for our personal auditory monitors. The ear specialist looked at my ears and then placed this green playdough like substance into a syringe. First, he placed a small puff- thing in the furthest part of my ear to protect my inner ear from the playdough stuff. Then, he inserted the syringe into my ear and squeezed the playdough stuff in which sort of felt like cold wiggly worms going in to my ear. I then had to keep my mouth open for about ten minutes while the stuff dried. 

 Once the mold was dry, the specialist wiggled the green stuff out of my ear and we were left with what looked like a green cheeto puffs, haha. 

After I was done with my ear mold I walked around the central district before heading home.

The rest of the night was pretty chill. Some of the new cast and I headed to play at the pool.

I spent most of the evening moving in to my new room! Smoke free! I am not super thrilled that it is a corner room though. Simply meaning the room is laid out much more different than the old room I have. Technically a corner room is more space, but it makes me feel more crammed. Luckily I still have my favorite view of outside.

Now these pictures are right after bringing all my stuff in, so once the room has a little TLC I'm sure it'll feel much more at home.

I am very excited though because this guy just booked his plane ticket to come see me at Christmas time!!!

Can't wait to show you around Hong Kong, Mike (:

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