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you aren't wealthy until you have something money cant buy

Day 3 Wednesday: Today consisted of a lovely morning to sleep in and finally having the energy to start unpacking my belongings. It is a little tricky to feel at home right now because I don't have anything that is helpful (dish towel to dry the dishes I just washed, hangers to hang anything up, etc). Now that I have pictures hung on the wall (or taped I should say) I feel a little better about the lack of things anywhere else. I am looking forward to tomorrow night because there is something called a DOZO party happening, which is where all the people who are going to be leaving here soon give away all their bigger items they can not bring with them to the newbies who have nothing. Yay hangers!! 

Eventually I shuttle bused my way to work around 12:45pm. Ariane, Amy, and I were still early for our 2:30pm call so we played around in the park a bit. 

riding the creepy Winnie the Pooh ride

Saw some familiar faces at Philharmagic

 After play time, we had to report for athletic training with some of the other male dancers and fur characters. This session was two hours of workout circuits that I am going to be honest I didn't really do. After coming back from having my gallbladder removed not too long ago, I would rather not push it. We did have lots of laughs and a good time getting to know each other though. Next was our first vocal rehearsal. The song we are singing is mostly sung together and it was a great first rehearsal. We familiarized ourselves a little more with the song and got to know one anothers voices a little better. I am very excited for it to finally come together. After we had some time before the bus came so it was princess bonding time and more rides for us!
"Princess Empowerment"

Some of my new fishy friends
grizzly gultch!

everyone please look at amy's face in the picture and just try not to laugh (she didn't know the ride went backwards)

and of course my favorite, toy story land!
Ignore the hot and sweaty messes we all are. The humidity here right now is still pretty unbearable. 

Day Four (Thursday):
This morning I got to work around 10 for an all cast meeting with the Hong Kong Disneyland creative team. They all had the chance to share how excited they were for the new project and such. The team features some of the people speaking in this video below.


The video also discusses some of the elements being added to the park here and the new show, which are all so exciting! After this meeting, some of us got to go into the park and watch the new Frozen singalong show. The show is very similar to that of the one in the U.S., however it is spoken in Cantonese and the subtitles are few.

 After the show, you are invited to play in the Frozen Village where you can sled, meet Olaf, and experience some snow!
Later in the day, the fishys had their cosmetology session where we learn to do our make up and wigs for the production. The make up I was used to since it is similar to the make up I was taught for "The Golden Mickeys", but this time we get to wear GLITTER!!!! (anyone who knows me knows I am 5 years old and absolutely love glitter). As for our hair, one is the standard red. The other for the finale is amazing! It is unreal and unlike anything I would ever look like. Again, can't tell you too much but pictures of this are going to be somewhat humerus. After, we had a lot of time to kill before the bus, so of course, more playing in the park time occurred. 

its a small world
 That night, when we got home, the DOZO party had begun. It began at 8pm and when I arrived at 8:01pm there was literally like 30 people crammed in this tiny little room grabbing as many things as possible. It was absolute madness. The only picture I snagged is kind of blurry, but it sort of adds to the chaos that I was feeling in that moment.

I ended up seeing a few items I had previously had during my contract which weirded me out a bit, haha. I did find some things that I think will come in handy over time though, but sadly, no hangers. I have the next three days off of work, and I am trying to figure out what to do with myself. I am still super dooper jet lagged and the thought of going out to do anything right now really does not thrill me. I am sure I will come up with something but for now I am going to use it to catch up with all the people I have been really busy about getting back to (my apologies!). Next week is when things are going to get really busy because not only do we start actual dance rehearsals, but I also start school and I am taking two classes this semester, so please be patient with me (:.

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