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an eye for an eye will make the whole world blind -Ghandi

Tuesday this week marked our casts very, very, very first full run through! We each took turns running through the full show, with the full cast, without set, costumes, make up, wigs, or any other extra things. One cast ran through the whole show for all the executives, bosses, managers, and any heads of departments for the show. It was really exciting to see it all come together! That night we got out super early, so we headed to Gold Coast for some Chili and Spice thai and indian food. I had a nice mix between garlic naan and thai style rice, and it was delicious! Still working on the chopstick thing again, so I made a lovely little mess.

It was nice getting to go out with everyone and enjoy getting to know one another a little more and sharing lots of laughs. 

fishes in our natural element

Wednesday was another day off, where I did absolutely nothing, and loved every second of it. I took some time to read and relax at the pool and then came home to work on my Chinese communism essay. Because of this one week, I feel like I already know so much more about China's government than I ever have. That evening, Maggie, Tayla, Vicki, and I all snuggled up on my couch to hang out and watch Mean Girls. Naturally, ice cream was involved.

Thursday at work we did more run throughs and then the mermaids had a vocal session to work on a new presentation style of the song. We got to head home around 3:30pm that day and our original plan was to celebrate National Day (Chinese 4th of July) by going to TST to watch the amazing firework display, however, it was rainy all day and suppose to thunderstorm that evening, so instead we drank tea and watched it on tv. 

That evening there was another dozo party, and this time I emerged with HANGERS! #victory

Friday was another costume fitting, however, this time we managed to take about three steps backward because my toes were poking through the costume all of a sudden! Major issue obviously for someone who shouldn't have feet, so hoping that gets fixed soon. The rest of the day we had to do some athletic training with some of the on site trainers. I have a feeling I am going to be very sore for quite some time. That evening, a few of us had a burger princess party, meaning we went to the Hollywood hotel for dinner and all were craving burgers and ended up with the same thing, ha.

 It was really weird being back at the Hollywood hotel because that was where we lived my first contract for about three weeks.

Saturday was our first day in the theater, and I was so excited to be back in Storybook Theater. The house looked the same but the stage was covered in our amazing set pieces which are even more beautiful in person than they were in the drawings. I put my full costume and hair on and got to practice sitting on our set piece. We practiced coming in and out on it and got used to the feeling of the costume against the set piece, since it was a little slippery. Changes were noted and then we were done for the day. We went into the park to go meet Princess Jasmine because I guess she was doing pop up sets in the park, but it was raining and windy because we were at a typhoon signal 3. The typhoon signals start at 1 (basically a thunderstorm), then immediately jump to 3 (heavier rain and wind), and immediately to T8 (intense rain and wind). At a T8 Disney closes and we get to go home, but that doesn't happen very often. So instead of meeting Jasmine, we got caught in the rain and had a pow wow waiting for it to stop under the awning where the princess meet and greet location is.

 Heading home on the 3:30 bus again, we got some chill time in before heading to the mall in the tower for some Japanese Ramen. I could not have been happier about that because I love, love, love Japanese Ramen and I have missed it so much, and it is in the tower right next to us!

And the best part was after they gave us this tiny little cup of ice cream with our choice of chocolate or strawberry sauce!
 This could be dangerous I could very well go here every single day and be ok with it, ha. Tomorrow is another day off and I have no idea what I am going to do with the day thus far. The Frozen sing a long cast has their last few shows tomorrow before they all take off on Monday so things will be more quiet around here now, which I can't say I am a huge fan of.

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