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here is a surprise corn dog i bought you because you're my friend -kid president

This week consisted of more run thru rehearsals, more athletic training, and more costume fittings. We also got to get onstage and have our mic EQ sessions, as well as getting our ears fit for our temporary ear monitors until our personal ones get here. I feel like everyone is getting a little ansy to get up on to the stage now. We have been here almost a month now, and this process seems so much longer compared to how short the put in rehearsal process was before performing for Golden Mickeys was (about two weeks). It is mostly just excitement to see everything come together because the individual pieces look amazing. But this cast is so ready to go! 

More downtime equals more time in the park. The park was packed last week for the holiday, so it was nice to see it a little less crowded this week. 

ohana means family

This Sunday the Frozen cast left us to head back home before most of them head out to Shanghai in February. We had a small going away party for them in the HPRC lobby bar where we all got to hang out a bit. Annoyingly, The only picture I took was not even with the Frozen cast... oops...

So I am going to steal this one instead....
Bye guys! Have an (icy) blast in Shanghai!
 Naturally with people leaving, there was once again another DOZO party, this time in my room. 

No better way to bond than sifting through other people's old spices and sombreros.

We are finally back down to a T1 here, which just means it rains, all the time, on and off...allll....day....long (usually at the most inconvenient times). I headed into Tsim Sha Tsui (TST) to go to yet another more American-ized grocery store and got poured on the whole time (of course forgetting my new DOZO umbrella).

It was all worth it though because at the store (City Super), I found some American goodies I was missing, like, hot pockets, bagel bites, eggo waffles, mountain dew, and cookie dough! Although I can't eat half of those things due to my gallbladder surgery, it is still nice to know they are there.

After rehearsal on Thursday, everyone headed out to Olympic station for some amazing Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum!

Dim sum is small little dumpling dishes and it is crazy good. I have missed Tim Ho Wan BBQ pork buns a whole lot, and they were as wonderful as I remembered them.

Between our the 8 people at our table we ordered about 30 dishes to share and only spent $10 USD each. Talk about winning!!


The table behind them was with us too, they were the vegetarians and special diet table though, haha. We had a lovely time though. It was a nice break from all the rehearsal schedule-ness.


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