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i dont know how you do it, but you always make me laugh when im trying to be cranky

This week in rehearsal has required a lot of patience. We are sitting around for most of the day while waiting on various elements on the stage to be done or other numbers to be worked on. Most of my time right now consists of either sleeping, working on homework, or counting the ceiling tiles in the theater. Today was my first chance to get on the stage and try out the set piece we use and it was such an adrenaline rush. A few cast members got to wear a few costumes pieces here and there and they look fantastic. Two more weeks (ish) of rehearsals before we start getting down to the wire and I am so excited. 

When we aren't rehearsing, chances are we are eating various sweets and watching "Desperate Housewives". I got to introduce all British and (one) Aussie to the joy that is s'mores. I also think hanging out with them has caused my tea intake to triple.  

S'mores (how do people not know what these are?!)

AMAZING cake amy keeps making and we keep eating...
We also have had our normal playing in the park time as well....

Looking into the sun...mistakes were made.

meeting merlin! ha

riding the slinky dog ride in toy story land

 I also have had a lot of time to myself this week and in order to not go crazy, I have been creating paper art, like this Ariel and Eric... (ignore Eric's super skinny legs and Ariel's minor skin graft)...
I also got this book, which I am loving. It is very similar to the wreck this journal series but this one encourages creativity and it is one thing a day.

 Another thing I have spent some time learning about is investment and how to financially set myself up for the future. We had a seminar at HPRC the other day with some helpful tips for Disney employees specifically. There was also amazing Filipino food and lots of little tots running around so I was totally in heaven!

Brave! This gem was born right before I left last time so it is crazy to see her all grown up now

 On our one day off this week, a few of us headed to Cheung Chau island for a mini beach day. We took the ferry and headed off to find some lunch, where I finallllllly found sweet and sour chicken.

usin our chopsticks like pros

 We then headed to the other side of island to go hang at the beach.

Cheung Chau is known for it's amazing street food and it did not disappoint. 

Frozen pineapple and melon
shaved ice ice cream mango and green tea flavored

amazing potato spiral thing

watermelon shake? juice?

I also had fun this week with this silly billy celebrating two months together! Basically kicked his booty in Scategories (a board game). I am very grateful for him though because he is one of the things keeping me sane right now. 

happy two months mike (:

On the plus side, only one week left of Emerging Nations! Hoorayyyyy!

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