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i dont like morning people...or mornings...or people.

This week started out rather exciting. On Friday, Tayla, Amy, and I were called in for a morning vocal session, to our surprise, all of the big bosses were at. They had us sing and then asked us if we would sing our medley on Thursday at a special event. This is really exciting because although we are performing not in character, this is the first time the song will really be heard by the public. After that vocal session, the orange cast (my cast) got to do a special run through for about 40 marketing and design executives in the rehearsal space. It was actually a bit nerve-wracking, mostly because of the amount of people in the room. Everything went smoothly however, and they loved it. 

Saturday I met up with one of my "Golden Mickeys" pals who no longer is at Disney, GuoDong. We met up in Sham Shui Po and went to a local vegetarian place for lunch. Best. Food. Ever. Oh my goodness. It is probably a good thing I can't read the menu or order here or I would be there all the time.

Some sort of sweet and sour deep friend mushroom. AMAAAAAZING

"beef" (tofu maybe?) and veggies
 I have no idea when my pallet became more sophisticated, but holy cow was this yummy. After lunch, GuoDong took me to this newly renovated coffee house that was built from an old factory while we waited to meet up with his other half, Evelyn. 

I had to find a dress for that event happening Thursday, so I headed in to central to attempt shopping. There were a million people out and about and I was not about it.

 We also had Sunday off, and I woke up not feeling super well. I spent most of the day working on homework and lounging around. I met up with my friend Flow for a bit to get out of the house. He took me to Nam Sang Wei which is a lot further than you think because you have to take this scary looking boat across a very muddy river....

The other side was a beautiful park where lots of bikers, kites, and dog walkers were found. We wandered around a bit and could even see China from across the field.

(China is the skyscraper in the distance...)

For dinner we ended up getting Japanese Ramen and Flow forced me to try all sorts of weird things I didn't like (I retract my former "sophisticated pallet" statement). We did have some awesome street food (aka meat on a stick) that I did like.

Totally tried pufferfish...thought I was going to die.

 Again, we have had a lot of downtime this week, and Tuesday we had a short day. Most of us headed in to Central to go have a salon day. It was nothing short of a fiasco. In the end, Amy and I broke off from the pack and headed to the typical nail salon I went to here, Nail 88 in Sheun Wan. 

I think the hidden Mickey indicates we picked the right place...

Of course being in Shuen Wan and all, we HAD to go to 85 South and get amazing southern bbq. I had zero regrets.

Thursday morning was our special event and I woke up earlier than I probably ever have in Hong Kong.....and just to clarify I am not a morning person. Luckily, I was excited for the event so it was totally worth it. Amy, Tayla, and I met up at the Disneyland hotel and explored a bit.

It is beautiful here, and the whole place smells of clean shampoo, haha. Around 8am we headed to Cinderella's ballroom for a soundcheck and to run through the event a bit. We got our first experience with the in ear monitors, which is tricky. It is a bit like singing with headphones in, so yes you can hear the music, but you can't hear yourself very easily. 

face explains how i felt about not being able to hear myself. ended up leaving one monitor out of my ear to hear a little better. just something to get used to...

After the run through, we were shown to our dressing room, where we had far too much fun getting ready.

 Since the actual event was an in-house event, we sadly could not get a video or anything of the actual performance ): but everything went very smoothly, and we all came off stage with such an adrenaline rush, while the crowd chanted encore! It made me super excited for the show, and gave me the second energy boost that will hopefully get me through this next month of rehearsals.

 We were all super grateful for the opportunity and had such a blast performing. The only thing that would have made it all better is if we got to have a tea party at the hotel because we were totally dressed for the occasion.

That evening, we had a movie night in my room watching Hocus Pocus and eating many, many sweets that everyone made for national dessert day, and it was lovely.
We, once again, have the day off tomorrow. As of now I am not too sure what the future holds but possibly some pink dolphins in Tai O, maybe? We will see.

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