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pretending to not feel alone...

Happy (late) Hong Kong Halloween! We had both tricks and treats happening in HK for this special holiday. A few nights before Halloween, some of us gathered sort of last minute to go to Lan Kwai Fong to hang out with other Disney folks. The streets were packed, but luckily I had my other two blind mice with me (and a pineapple!)...

"I'm a mouse, duh"
 There were some other fun costumes and Disney folk there as well.

But mostly just overwhelming amounts of people....

Later in the week, I had some very special trick or treat-ers stop by.... 

These kiddos are some of the expat children that are currently growing up in HPRC and are loved by all. My favorite costume of the night by far was Brave as little Lilo from Lilo and Stitch...
On actual Halloween, I stayed in and did homework, as well as skyped my family back home for a bit, nothing too crazy. The past few weeks have been kind of all over the place between rehearsals and homework. On a positive note, I am now done with Geography and Emerging Nations classes, and have moved on to Public Speaking and Advertising. In order to have some chill time, the MWB expats had a little pampering night with tasty snacks and beauty treatments...and lots and lots of laughter. 

Naturally resulting in too much fun, and someone spilling red wine all over the carpet...which led to spilling salt all over the carpet.

Rehearsals are finally coming to an end, and more and more shows have become previews for people such as the head of Disney Theatrics, the producer for all of Disney Asia, and the head of all of Disney music production. The show is becoming more comfortable, but there are still many technical challenges still needing some attention before we will truly be ready to open next week. I am very excited though that the marquee out front in the park has finally been revealed!

I even bumped into Maggie and Felix (some of our favorite superfans) out front and was so excited to finally see them again!

Naturally, to celebrate, we had to use our extra waiting for the bus home time to play in the park...

We love Miss Kitty!

grizzly gultch




winnie the pooh

winnie the pooh ride is just a little strange here... it is sort of trippy

 Since Mexican food in Hong Kong is not an easy task, Tayla and I decided to put our lack of cooking skills together one night and have a Mexican night! She made fajitas and I made enchiladas and it was lovely.

One of the next few nights we went to Yuen Long to get street food and that sort of failed, ha. We ended up with street food, but not what we ordered and I saw my first (giant) rat run under the cart from where we had just ordered. It was a rough time but we had a blast regardless. We also definitely saw the worlds largest bunny. The thing was literally the size of my head, hopping around this pet store. It was sort of terrifying. 

When not being terrorized by giant bunnies though, we are enjoying our lunch breaks on rooftop gardens...

Or eating dim sum in the mall across the street from where we live....

This contract has been very different from my previous time in Hong Kong, in a very good way. These girls are incredible and we are having the best time getting to know one another (especially when it comes to Desperate Housewives and sweets nights every other day). I am really excited for this upcoming week and can not believe our show opens soon. It seems so surreal.

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