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sorry, out to live, be back soon!

andddddd the book has closed again. Well, technically, the book has placed a bookmark in its pages. There has been a show stop or show cancelled almost every show, daily since we opened, so in order to sort out these problems, we are currently on a bit of a break from the show. There are still some special events and in house auditions happening in the mean time, but I currently have the whole week off which means...Monday morning at 9am I am heading to Cebu in the Philippines! Woohoo! I am meeting up with two other girls (Amy and Vicki) who are already there and we are staying till Friday. I am so very excited. In the mean time, here are some pictures before the show went cray cray....

super duper special picture with both of my girls!

Quick update on some Hong Kong adventures before I have to post about my Cebu adventure...
One surprise day off, a crew of us headed to Lamma Island (via ferry which made me super sea sick).
  It was a glorious day though. We grabbed some food then hiked to the beach on the other side of the island.

We ended up staying at the beach until about 8 or 9pm when some of the crazy people decided they wanted to work out, ha.

We trekked in the dark and made our way back to the main city area to catch the ferry.
There are many vegetarians and vegans here this contract so we grabbed some dinner at a place in central called Manna (vegan food). The place is super cool cause it is half indoors and half out.

This week has not been lacking in tasty food. I had some more Tim Ho Wan dim sum and Tayla made amazing dessert (warm chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and candy bits on top!).

 Amy, Tayla, and I had a lovely homemade stir fry and some beauty treatment time. We had to double check that the face masks weren't made of placentas because apparently that is a popular thing here....

 Later that week, the three of us, and Thom (Amy's boyfriend) went to check out Temple Street Night Market. 

We got some Christmas shopping done, while also eating a little Indian curry.

Indian curry (tastes better than it looks)

 Another fun thing to do here is have your fortune told through tarot cards or palm reading. Although I don't really believe in it, it was still fun to do. The fortune teller we went to at first didn't speak great English and just kept clapping and telling Tayla to pick cards. The palm reader told me I was a singer and would have great success and one child, which he could tell I was not thrilled with that answer and decided to change it later to two children, haha.
Another more local market Tayla and I went to is Kwai Fong. We had amazing homemade dumplings and bought lots of sweets.

 We did a little more shopping that week and Molly joined as well. We may have gone a bit overboard between the three of us, but it is safe to say that Christmas shopping is done now! We also had Cali-Mex for dinner and I had no regrets because I finally got some great Mexican food.

 I think it is safe to say that Tay and I have been spending too much time together...

Thanksgiving this year was a little different for everyone. Most of the expats did a dinner, but I decided to try and make my own. Keeping in mind, it took forever to find a turkey, and then I had to cook it in a toaster oven...I'd say I did pretty well for myself.

 I made homemade mashed potatoes, corn casserole, green beans, turkey and gravy, and I was pretty proud of myself for not being a great chef. I also made enough food for a family of 20...oops.

While I ate dinner, I watched my favorite thanksgiving thing ever, the macy's day parade! with this adorable human who danced around the whole time, making me chuckle.

I had the Chinese version of thanksgiving as well too. I was invited to a dinner party at my friend Evelyn and Guodong's home in Sai Kung. Sai Kung is a beautiful beachy area!

They also made enough food to feed a small army.

I stayed the night with them and the next day had some amazing local HK style food.

drawer in the table due to lack of space, so smart!
HK style breakfast; milk tea, macaroni and ham soup
cart noodles

We explored Sai Kung a bit more too. We saw the pier where they sell fish caught that day right out of their boats and they took me to an animal shelter where they obviously were trying to break my heart.

 It has been a busy few weeks here in Hong Kong and my classes are starting to wrap up for Christmas break and it is only a short while before Mike comes!

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