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throw kindness around like confetti!

THE BOOK HAS FINALLY OPENED! The cast of Mickey and the Wondrous Book are so very excited for the world to see what we all have been working on the last few months. We even had the opening ceremony which consisted of three roast pigs and a whole lot of incense.

The show is incredible, however, we have still had a lot of show stops and cancelled shows due to technical challenges. This sort of makes it interesting for the cast though, and continues to keep us on our toes. Thanks so much to the incredible fans for these amazing pictures ....


For a clip of this song...check here:  

For Golden Mickeys there were a few scenes the vocalists got to take part in. For MWB, the only other scene is a bit at the end where we bring in a banner. 
I got to hang out with Ariel for all five shows on opening day to the public, which was super exciting because it was "The Little Mermaid" screen debut the same day. Outside the theater the red carpet was rolled out and everything.

Life outside of MWB right now has been a lot of time with these two goons...

amy (top) and tayla (left)

The weather is sort of starting to cool down here. We all headed out for Chinese BBQ, where everyone basically ate their own loaf of bread..

literally so much bread was consumed...

 We also all headed out to dinner later in the week to say goodbye to some of our wonderful production staff...

amazing greek food

zach (bubble guy), ben (mic guy), kevin (screen guy), scott (puppet guy)..and all super awesome!

 This week also consisted of a lot of Japanese ramen...like probably way more than it should have been...and I blame Tayla.

got free ice cream again woohoo!

these drinks were super weird. It was soda water, jello, and fruit, and a giant ball of ice making life difficult
Tayla and I also headed to Sham Shui Po to check out what the Christmas market is starting to look like. We ended up getting our nails done (her with a hidden snowflake and me starfish) at the mall with a (no longer functioning) roller coaster inside.

dish washer....wow. i could not get over this.

roller coaster at the top

inside the markets

pretty sure this is where oriental trading stuff comes from..

 On my day off, I headed out to Mong Kok East with Guodong and Evelyn. They took me to get Hong Kong style french toast, which is basically bread stuffed with peanut butter, drenched in butter and syrup.The rest of lunch was amazing as well.

We then headed to the goldfish and flower market. It took all my energy not to go home with more turtles, but I settled for a sunflower instead.

in those bags are all different kinds of fish...including tiny sharks!

flower market

In one of the flower market stores there was a little coffee shop.

Later in the week,Vicki and I headed to part 2 on the financial seminars we have been attending. More amazing food and playtime with babies were also had there.

I think this week should be the last week for playing in the park time. The park numbers are getting busier as well as our schedule is becoming more normal. But don't you worry, we still got some quality play in the park time this week, including taking Andrei on rides he was terrified of and it was literally the funniest thing ever.

I am so glad to be on a normal schedule now. It is so weird to think our contract here really "just" started and we still have six months left.

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