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its the most wonderful time of the year

Lots of decking the halls happening in Hong Kong around here right now as Christmas is slowly approaching. Last week, after returning from Cebu, Amy, Tayla, and I were picked to sing the princess medley for a special event. The event was Pandora bracelets signing a contract with Disney Asia to sell their products in the Disney stores. It was very exciting. There was a pop star from Taiwan there and we even got to wear some of the merchandise for the event. 

It was quite a fun day because they did our hair for us and I literally have never felt more like a movie star. (They attempted to curl my hair, which I knew was not going to hold, so at the veryyyy last minute, i ended up with this intricate braid). 

 Thanks to some of these amazing ladies for the pampering...
The program went well and we had a blast!

The rest of that day consisted of auditions to stay for another contract. I auditioned but I am not set on staying. I sang "Alone" from Carrie, a song I have never sang before for auditions, and it went rough, haha. Most of us came out of our audition saying it didn't go well though so there must have just been something in the water that day. We have to let them know in about a month if we want to stay or not and then contract meetings won't be till probably February. 

The next evening was Christmas Cabaret. This is where entertainment put on a mini talent show and you get to see everyone do something different. I sang in the choir again and we sang a song called "Christmas Is". 


Disneyland Hotel

Since Tayla missed Cabaret, she still got her own mini Christmas party hat because we love her
 To prep for Christmas, Molly and I went Christmas decor shopping in Sham Shui Po and had some delicious Chinese vegan food after.

except this strange warm black sesame soup
We also saw these massive bunnies roaming around the street for sale terrorizing this one store, and I had to force Molly not to buy them.

 Later in the week, Tayla, Molly, and I went holiday shopping, and somehow, Tayla and I ended up getting a massage basically in a closet. It looks super sketch but it was actually rather nice, haha.

Tayla went home to Australia  for a few days (where I missed her terribly!!) but she brought back something called Jammy Wagon Wheels which the Brits have told the Americans they need to try.

At work right now, the show is still down but we have been having to go in for some workshops. Th other day we did a body combat workshop where we learned to stunt roll and fight. It was crazy fun but my body has been so sore since. Today we have a Musical Theater workshop which should be fun and hopefully very beneficial. MIKE COMES TOMORROW AND I AM SO EXCITED GAHHHHH!!

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