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if you think missing me is hard, you should try missing you!

Warning: This post is about to extremely long, so in order to shorten it, I will simply add a lot of pictures, a little text, and a lot of lovin. 

December 16 Mike finally made his way all the way across the ocean to Hong Kong. I picked him up from the airport and took him back to Tin Shui Wai, where we live.

 The next day we headed to Admiralty to take the Peak Tram to the top of the city.

We took the Star Ferry across the harbour and found a Disney Mickey and the Wondrous Book set up at Harbour City. 

Next we headed to Kowloon park where we saw lots of birds in the aviary, and Mike got to try McDonalds sesame ice cream and cone.

That evening we celebrated our anniversary by going to Korean BBQ where you cook the food yourself on the grill at your table. We were very confused how it worked because our servers literally avoided us at all costs because no one wanted to try to speak english. Mike also got to practice eating with chop sticks, since he was rather inexperienced.

 After dinner, we headed to Sham Shui Po to pick out a Christmas tree, where it was all closed up and looked like there had been some sort of transformer out. Instead we got Mike an egg tart. 

And that was all in one day. It is no wonder that evening I felt sick. We ended up staying home the next day and watching Christmas movies because I got super sick (probably due to the whole "cook your own food" thing and how I can not cook). When I was finally back on my feet, we headed to Sham Shui Po to try lots of street food and check out Dragon Centre Mall.

mystery street meet

bubble waffles

dumplings and shark fin soup
 Next came Prince Edward to go to the Goldfish, Flower, and Bird Markets. I nearly came home with a turtle again this day, but I refrained. We walked to Mong Kok to go pick out things for our Christmas tree. 

Our Christmas tree ended up looking super cute, and I don't ever want to take it down!

 It was back to work from here for me, and luckily I got to take some half days after my shows to meet up with Mike and show him around. We took the ferry from IFC mall to Cheung Chau Island to walk around a bit and eat lots of yummy things.

 We also met up with Thom and Amy for dim sum at Tim Ho Wan after.

 Next day was one of many Disney days. 

someone clearly was not excited on the bus

lost horribly to him on buzz lightyear

new fairytale forest!

sending mike on small world alone so i can go to work

before fireworks

That evening, Mike got to experience the world that is Japanese Ramen. Needless to say, his world was changed.

Next day was Christmas Eve, and to celebrate, everyone came over for white elephant gift exchange and treats and Mike and I ran around in our feetie pajamas.

In the gift exchange, I gave three baby shrimp alive in a cage. Vicki received them and within about 12 hours, overfed them and killed them.

Santa came on Christmas morning!
He also brought necessities I really wanted from the US too!

We made the most amazing breakfast casserole and lovely Christmas dinner.

That evening we took a walk in the park nextdoor and then came back to skype our families.

 Next day was back to work for me, so I sent Mike to 10,000 Buddhas and Chi Lin Nunnery. After, we met up with some others and their visitors as well for Hello Kitty dim sum and Temple Street Night Market.

We spent my day off going to Ocean Park and visiting Derrick!

Ocean Park is another HK theme park, more similar to Sea World with its amazing Asian animals to see. We even got to eat lunch with the penguins!

my new friend


goldfish pavilion

cable cars
michael, the amazing photographer <3

lunch with the penguins
sea otters

pygmy monkey!


dolphin show

and of course the mascot pictures...

 And for dinner we of course had some japanese ramen!

The next day I got to teach Mike how to ice skate!

After ice sktaing, Mike got to meet two of my really great friends, Guodong and Evelyn and they took us to get traditional Chinese Hot Pot with their friend from Sweden. 

Another super busy day consisted of us starting our morning off by going to Gold Coast to visit the beach and have some amazing Thai food.

 We then meandered around Tuen Mun a bit to find the beautiful Mui Fat Buddhist Monastery.

For New Years Eve, we met up with some of the MWB cast for a junk boat party. It was so incredible. Everyone brought food and we watched the fireworks over the skyline at midnight.

 We were out till about 2 am. The party kept going, while I being the grandma that I am fell asleep below deck, haha.

Starting the new year off with a bang, had to work, but after, I got to meet up with Mike and take him to one of my favorite local malls in Kwai Fong. Mike got to try dong ling mat (honey lemon sugar water type drink) and homemade rolled dumplings.

The shopping continued as we went to Mong Kok markets and had a different kind of Japanese Ramen in Sham Shui Po.

I was clearly tired by the end of the day, and really over the whole walking thing. Not to mention there was about a million times more people out and about the entire time Mike was here and I was really over the crowd situation. 

 Next day was another Disney day, but started with some Disneyland character dim sum at the Disneyland hotel. 

Crystal Lotus at the hotel

golden minnie shrimp dumpling

duffy red bean bun and shellie may green lotus bun

three little piggy pork dumplings

baymax seafood and chicken bun

After lunch, it was a bit of park time, before Mike got to come see my show again.

This time i totally redeemed myself on buzz lightyear and crushed this guy
Next day, we headed to the very foggy Tai O to see the fishing village and look for pink dolphins, which were no where to be seen.

We met everyone in Yuen Long for BBQ where you cook your own food outdoors and introduced Tayla's Aussie friends to s'mores.

Next morning, Mike and I made homemade doughnuts with canned biscuit dough like we used to do when I was younger. They turned out perfectly.

We took the cable cars in Tung Chung up to see Big Buddha.

again, michael the amazing photographer <3
There are also some beautiful temples up there.

and some super cheesy touristy things like a sign that points to other various landmarks.

hello america

hi hilary and bridge in africa
 On Mikes last full day in Hong Kong we headed to Causeway Bay to go see Times Sqaure (basically a big mall). There was a Disney ad for our new show here though that we went to go check out.

One of Mikes last meals here had to be Japanese Ramen, so we went to that place I went on my last day here last contract where you sit in your own little stall.

We checked out the monkeys and sloths at the botanical gardens and got poured on, which was how I was feeling emotionally anyways, the rain just matched.

 The  final meal of the evening was my favorite BBQ place, 85 South. I had to take Mike here because I knew everytime I ever ate southern BBQ I would compare it to this place, so he needed to know what I would be talking about.

Eventually, the day we had to say goodbye came. It was not a fun day and I don't really want to harp on it too much. While we were at the airport checking him in, we realized he had left his phone on the airport shuttle from my hotel. Luckily, I was able to retrieve the phone but at this point he was already gone and I had to mail it to him. 

He had a pretty big day when got to Orlando though. I am so proud of this man for running his first marathon at Disney and killing it in about four hours. 

 The marathon also happened to fall on a kind of special day for me as well.
My birthday started off very special, getting to skype my family and Mike and his parents all at my moms for dinner and a cake to celebrate.

I then met up with Tayla and Amy to watch Joseph and eat pancakes that were turning out a little rough, haha. We also had some facial treatment and bonding time.

After heading to work and performing in four shows, I came home to a huge surprise. Per my request via Facebook status, my super cool friends Amy and Tayla managed to surprise me with a pillow fort fit for an army of princesses and Harry Potter. There was a cake and butterbeer and everything.

Now that the show is up and running for good again, I thought I would also share some pictures of my favorite mermaid (and her best friend the banner holder).

 I know for sure I have missed a while bunch of things in this post about what Mike got to see and do while he was here but for a lot of them I didn't take pictures. Some of the things left out were Happy Valley Race Course to gamble on the horses, the wet market(trying not to gag at the frogs), Victoria Park, Tin Shui Wai library, arcade (figuring out how to play games all written in Chinese), and some others. It was such a nice visit and I was really sad to see it come to an end. I also want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday!

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