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you can't make everybody happy, you are not a jar of nutella

Not a whole lot going on around here these days. The book has decided it is ok now and has remained open with only some minor show stops here and there. 

silly ariel always trying to pop the bubbles (when shes not inhaling them while singing or getting them in her eyes)

I have really become a hermit this contract because my classes for school are ridiculously hard. I am taking Philosophy of Ethics and Social Psychology. I have never had senioritis as much as I do right now. I will finish up my last four classes by May and I could not be more excited to graduate. It has taken me about 6 years (not including the year I took off) to finish this college degree so forgive me if I am a little excited. I was pretty excited too when I found this statue though because I had just written a paper for one of my classes about these statues that look like people about to commit suicide (full article here: https://www.hongkongfp.com/2015/11/13/life-sized-statues-on-rooftops-give-hongkongers-a-scare/). Most of the statues are found on rooftops, so I was pretty stoked to see this one on the ground.

In my down time, I can be found watching Harry Potter with the crew and drinking butterbeer.We are up to movie five, and I just don't know that we can bring ourselves to watch it yet, what with the death of Alan Rickman and all.

 Tayla and Amy both had their parents visiting this week. We ended up going to Chinese BBQ (when the weather was about 30 degrees) and freezing our fingers off (which also explains why I didn't take any pictures). This week was also Molly's 22nd birthday (happy birthday Mollyyyyy). We celebrated a few times by first banging on her door at midnight with presents and crowns made out of ribbon and pipe cleaner (cause that is what real princesses wear!).

That evening, we went to dinner at a place called Grassroots Pantry (since Molly is vegan).

The food selection was very different than I was used to but I enjoyed the company. A little later in the week, we had yet another celebration. We headed to BOUNCE, which is a place where you can jump on all sorts of trampolines.It was absolutely ridiculous amounts of fun.

This week also consisted of a celebration at Ned Kelley's Last Stand for Australia Day. We had some Australian food and listened to a live band (after Molly and I went shopping in Causeway Bay).

I met up with Flow for a belated birthday dinner, where of course I picked Japanese Ramen! It was some of the best ramen I have ever had. 

Oh also, just in case you have not seen how cute Mike and I are... let me show you.

Thanks to Chris for taking some of these beautiful pictures of us at Disney. We had so much fun (and these are not even half of them! I just have to persuade Mike to finish editing them, haha).

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