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my maturity level depends on who i am with

Kung Hey Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year from Hong Kong. The celebration lasted from around Feb 1 till the 15. On the night of the first, some of us gathered after work in TST to see the parade. There were a million people crammed around us at all times and it was difficult to see.

making friends with random people crammed in next to us

 I had pretty much had it by the end of the parade though..

 This continued most of the rest of the night, even on the MTR...

Another Chinese New Year activity was collecting Lai See or red pocket money.

The characters here wear their cute Chinese New Year outfits too, so Amy and I went and said hello to some of them.

During Chinese New Year, people travel to Tai Po to make their wish upon the Wishing Tree. You first purchase (about $3 USD) a small plastic orange with a string attached to a piece of paper, where you write your wish.

 Unfortunately, they are also are made very cheaply and poor...

From here, you throw your orange into the tree...this is wayyyy easier said than done. First, the tree is loaded with oranges already so it is sort of hard to not knock someone else's down or get it up there at all. Secondly, there are weird hole spots in the tree where your wish often falls through. Third, there are lots of people around you are trying not to hit (Vicki!) or children who when your wish drops to the ground, steal it and run around with it (me...). 

This happened about 7 times before finally I got it to land in the tree...
 Molly took about 12 tries to get hers in the tree....
Vicki on the other hand took so long, that she started to get a crowd laughing at her every attempt, and cheering when she finally got it.

Other festival activities included almost breaking our teeth on my favorite treat, frozen sugar strawberries...

and seeing some of the parade floats up close and personal...

selling chinese new year pinwheels

oh look the whale sharks back...
 Thanks wishing tree! Take good care of our wishes!


Later that week, the British introduced us to the correct way to celebrate National Pancake Day, by making our own crepes (complete with bring your own toppings bar).

berries, ice cream, walnuts, and powdered sugar crepe!
There has been a European Carnival in the central area for a few months, so some of the girls and I went to check it out. We rode one ride, and I literally felt so sick. I had to sit on the ground for a bit and a nice gentleman even asked if we needed medical services. Needless to say, it wasn't one of my finest moments, but it provided me the opportunity to take a lot of pictures of the other girls on rides.

all the brits

thoughts after that first ride...

thoughts after the Xtreme  ride

 When I talk about the super fans here, it is because I mean they are actually super-fans. I am going to gain so much weight between Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, and other random holidays. We have been so lucky to get so many delicious treats from fans like Winnie, Derrick,and Vaniece. 

my first macaroon experience!
In order to make up for all those extra calories, I have been making it to the gym, usually with Wicki or Molly, however, we all exercise veryyyy differently.


Guodong and Evelyn invited me to join them at the circus, however, what I expected was elephants and clowns. Instead, it was a beautiful art piece that involved the whole audience to join. It is extremely difficult to explain, but it was amazing. It was semi House of the Dancing Water meets Cirque du Soleil. The video below shows some clips of what we saw since we weren't allowed to take pictures.

I am really truly lucky to have such amazing friends by my side here. I love these girls, and I am so grateful for them.

grease live! viewing party

We are holding our new buttons from AlwaysDisneyBound. They are so cute!!

Next week, some of us are heading off to Teipei in Taiwan for a few days. I am so excited. It is kind of a reward for me for finishing my two really challenging classes, and starting my next two (Organizational Psychology and Personality Psychology). As usual, here are some new show pictures to leave you with...

and then some days are a little extra magical because they rarely happen...


 I also need to say a very VERY happy six month anniversary to this amazing man I am so lucky to call mine. I love you, Michael <3


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