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some people think we spend too much time together, but that is just because people are stupid.

Less than 45 days till my Hong Kong chapter (part two) comes to a close. March 1 was Tayla's birthday and we had two different celebrations. The first was a surprise group outing to Discovery Bay for some Mexican food (since it's extremely hard to find here).

Later in the week, we then surprised her again with a special overnight trip to the Disneyland hotel. Amy and I did a pretty good job surprising her, complete with breaking into her room to pack her bags for her. When we arrived at the hotel, she thought it was just going to be the three of us staying, however, Vicki and Molly showed up and surprised her throughout the evening. We had such an amazing time. We swam, spent way too long in the hot tub, jumped on the beds, stayed up too late, and had the best time.   

The video above is a trick I remember doing when I was younger with my sisters in the pool we called "salt and pepper", haha.

The hot tub was soo nice, I could have lived here.

Amy totally did this to me first, so don't worry this was just payback.

We told Tayla we had dinner plans and that we were going to get all dressed up to go out, little did she know we were not actually going anywhere but downstairs...

also we snapchatted probably too much, but this face swap option is super creepy!!

While we got ready, a mysterious knock appeared at the door, and surprise! It was Vicki, which meant it was time to head to dinner at the Enchanted Garden. This is a buffet in the hotel where you can meet some of the Disney characters as well as eat so much food. And while meeting Mickey Mouse, another surprise! Molly came and joined us.

Duffy (Disney's official teddy bear)

thanks boss man!

Shellie Mae (Duffy's girl...bear?)

(it says Enchanted Garden backwards..)

 The food was soo good. They had all different sorts of cuisines. I made the rookie mistake of filling up on bread. We were all stuffed afterwards, especially Vicki...
(nope she is not pregnant)

and naturally getting all dressed up in a fancy hotel, we had to have a fun photoshoot in the lobby...

We then went back to the room and ended the night in style...

Disneyland hotel has a lot of meaning for Amy, Tayla, and I because that was really where our friendship first began to blossom. Back in the beginning of everything, we had that special event together there, so getting to come back and relive it all with even more people we love was awesome. 

The surprises didn't stop in the morning. The next day, we headed to Disneyland park for a lovely lunch on mainstreet USA.

We had set up a time to do a photoshoot with one of my favorite fans, Belle, but we had some time to buy, so we decided to visit some friends.

The poor character attendant who took this video was absolutely covered in glitter after, as were we.

We then met up with Belle and her friend Finger who took some pictures of us. Since Tayla has not edited these yet, I will just stick with this sneak peek picture...

The day after Tayla's birthday celebration was Kia's birthday celebration! We went to one of my favorite places in the world, 85 South for some BBQ and brownie cookie cake.

I was really excited because the last time I had been there with Mike, we signed the bathroom (it's encouraged) and it was still there.
Some of the biggest news we have received lately is that the Hong Kong Disneyland expats are moving. We will no longer be living in Tin Shui Wai, which I am not going to lie I am pretty sad about. HPRC has become my home away from home and I finally was starting to feel settled in my space.

We are relocating to Tsuen Wan, which should be closer to the city and work. Our moving days are split up into three different days, mine being on the first of those days (March 30). This move seems kind of silly to me since I will be leaving Hong Kong for good only 30 days after that, but Disney has provided us each with 5 boxes to move our belongings, so I am seeing it as a way to get rid of everything before I go. I took my time saying goodbye to some of the Tin Shui Wai one and only's before I start to pack my stuff earlier this week...

Goodbye Tin Shui Wai Library....

Bye TSW park...

Really sad to think I might not ever come back to TSW, so farewell until then.

What I am not saying goodbye to yet is my friends here. Flow and I met up the other night for dinner, where we went to his friends coffee shop. I had some of the most amazing peach tea I have ever had in my life.

I also hung out with Evelyn and Guodong this week and got to introduce them to Tayla. On the way to their house, the cab driver did not understand our directions or something because he ended up dropping us off at the border of China. It was terrifying and hilarious at the same time, and luckily we found a cab to take us where we actually wanted to go.

Tayla and I stayed the night with Guodong and Evelyn and the next morning headed out to Sai Kung pier for breakfast (which consisted of HK style french toast (deep fried french toast filled with peanut butter and syrup), yum!).

Another old friend I got to catch up with this week was Megan. She was visiting Hong Kong during a short layover, so I was lucky enough to grab some Japanese ramen with her and catch up on her life in China.

Days off right now are pretty chill, usually consisting of grocery shopping at Park and Shop or if it is a good week 360 and then everyone hanging out in my room for a movie or our new obsession, the tv series "The 100". 

Right now we have been trying to watch all the movies of the songs in our show. We only made it up through Jungle Book, Little Mermaid, and about half of Tangled, when it turned into this....
The show is going well still. Not as many show stops anymore so when they do happen it is more surprising now. We have heard from some of the new girls coming out April 11, and I am so excited for them to start their journey here.

As always, thanks to the amazing fans for the photos so I can share them with my friends and family back home who don't get to see the show in person. You guys mean so much to me.

Finally, I would like to with Mr. Michael Worboys a very happy 7 months. Can't wait to be home and celebrate with you! Woo!

Also, a big welcome to the other side of the world to all those who are leaving for Shanghai the next few days here. I am so excited to see all your pictures, and mostly to have other friends awake at the same time of day as me, haha. But really, have the time of your life and welcome to Asia!

So jealous of my family in Orlando right now because Hilary and Bridge (my sister and brother in law) have safely made it back to the states after their 2 year long commitment in Africa. My grandmother and aunt were also down visiting so it was a party. Can't wait to get back to see you all. 45 days!!

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