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how lucky am i to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard...

My last few weeks in Hong Kong I was able to cram a few things in I had been meaning to do. The first being Monkey Hill, where I went with Tayla and her visiting family. The monkeys really did not like Tayla and would hiss at her when she was close, it was hilarious and terrifying at the same time. 

(not featured, the picture of me running from the monkey after it jumped down from the sign at my feet)

 We had lots of quality time to discover the new hotel pool and hot tub facilities, as well as the beach near by.

There were many fun farewell dinners to be had, also. Tayla and Amy had not tried Hot Pot yet, so we met up with Felix and Belle to have some. Hot pot is essentially a boiling hot bowl of soup that you cook raw food in.

Tayla accidentally using the fire cap as a spoon, hahah
We had Korean BBQ with some of our favorite girls from cosmetology who showed us the ropes, aka, when in doubt, dip it in cheese.

 Finally got to try thai food from Cha Cha Wan, the double happiness burger from the butchers club, and the Buzzfeed famous rainbow grilled cheese from Kala Toast.

And of course a little 85 South with Guodong and Evelyn...

We ended up spending our final days off with them as well and having the best satycation ever in Sai Kung. The first day we headed out on their friends boat to our very own private beach. 

attempting to get elsie to the beach before she decided she loved the water (especially the sand!)

 The next day, we met up with Flow to go to the waterfall jump! I was so excited at first, then I got to the top and freaked out for a bit, even though I had jumped the last time I was here.

8 months has flown by this contract, and I have been very fortunate to make some incredible friends who I know will stay with me for life. I love you girls. I will see you all for our Australia trip!

Thank you to the incredible fans for all the pictures and videos of my friend Ariel. They all mean so much to me and I will cherish all of them, along with the memories that go with them.

The luggage has been packed...

The final fireworks watched...

The hugs given and the thank you's said...

 All that's left is to go....

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