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I only look back to see how far I have come

So, where I left off in my last blog post was Mike and I traveling to Brockport (upstate NY)to visit with his family. When we arrived, we unloaded the car to immediately jump back in the car and drive to the Adirondacks and camp for fourth of July weekend. While there, we went kayaking, had a lot of ice cream, did some arts and crafts, had lots of bonfires, and got to hang out with his family. 

mikes nephew, ryan

playing dress up with Mikes niece, Katherine at the Adirondacks Carousel 

black raspberry ice cream from Donnelly's, where they only have one flavor a day

making campfire pies and pizza sandwiches

For those of you that know him, Mike is an outdoorsy guy and he loves to climb mountains with his dad, so of course on this trip I was taken to climb my first mountain with them. We climbed Goodnow Mountain, which has a fire tower at the top (so you can climb even more...) but it also had an incredible view from the top.

note the awesome walking sticks, which naturally, I pretended I was skiing while using 90% of the time

fire tower at the top of the mountain

too much climbing...

first mountain!

On July 4, we headed into town to watch a little parade and the fireworks. 

(look closely to find Mikes brother, Justin)

Back in Brockport, we had about 2 weeks to hang out and do some fun upstate things.

eating garbage plates at Jimmy Z's

Food truck festival BBQ
skyped with some of my favorites!

hunted A LOT of Pokemon

went to the drive in for our anniversary like the first time we had gone when we started dating
farmers markets
Erie canal

more ice cream, with Connor (mikes nephew)
New York style Japanese Ramen
another food truck festival, snow cone tongues

One of my favorite things that we did in Brockport was go to the Rochester zoo. There were lots of little baby animals and we arrived to each exhibit almost every time something was happening. We saw the elephants take a bath, laid with the lion, watched the precious baby sea lion get some play time with the big sea lions, saw the tiger get fed, and freaked out watching the zoo keepers clean the giant boa tank.

Brockport is pretty close to Canada, so we took a day to go visit Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.

The weekend before we moved to NYC, we took a visit to come check out a few apartments we had on our radar. We got to visit Mike's school as well. We decided on a place in Park Slope (Brooklyn), which is near Mike's school, as well as accessible for me to take the train into Manhattan for auditions and some nannying I will be doing. 

On Friday, July 22, we FINAllY made the full journey to NYC. This process has been nothing but difficult and expensive, but now that we are here, it is such a relief. We of course picked a day to move when it was about 97 degrees, and with us being located on the top floor of our building and having no AC set up yet, it was pretty miserable (but a big thanks to Mikes parents for helping us move!).

full trailer!

Three days later, everything is finally out of suitcases and it is beginning to feel more like home. Only downside is even with our AC unit on and pumping, it is still 1,000 degrees, which is really not fun.

Living/Kitchen space
inside of the bedroom, all our mickey ears (:
(I haven't taken a picture of the bedroom yet because it is not quite done yet, but I will get there).

We LOVE the neighborhood we are in too. It is a very 'everyone knows everyone' sort of place. Some of the restaurants and grocery stores we have visited have very friendly owners who say they don't recognize us and introduce themselves too.

down our street is lots of little Brownstone homes 
told you it was hot out....
Sunday was Mike's last day of freedom before he started his job, so we wanted to go into Manhattan and figure out the subway. We first started the day off by walking thirty seconds toward Prospect Park and checking out some farmers markets. From there, we went and got our subway cards to ride to Manhattan.

We walked around Times Square a bit, went to the Disney store (and cried softly),saw Rockefeller Plaza and the Today show area as well as Jimmy Fallon and the Tonight show area, had a little Shake Shack, and saw some of the Broadway theaters. 

We also really enjoyed telling everyone we were from "here" when the people on the street who are trying to get you to go to their comedy club or check out their demo cd.

Hamilton (this one is for my sisters)
We were fortunate enough to walk past a few theaters that were finishing their shows, so the stars were at the stage door.

Adam Jacobs (Aladdin)
As we walked past "An Act of God", the show Sean Hayes stars in, we saw him walking back inside from his meet and greet location. We continued walking and suddenly, he had reappeared in the door opening directly in front of us to get into his car. It was nuts. We literally almost ran directly into him (hey, I am allowed to be star struck at least once). 

Today is Monday so we took the subway to Wall street, where this stud has his first day of orientation!

Today starts the beginning of our new daily life. I start auditioning this week, which is strange to think about because that was the original reason for this blog (to update my family about what I was auditioning for and how it went). 

It's time to start my new adventure. 

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