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DOn't quIT

NYC has slowly becoming home for Mike and I and we have had plenty of time to go explore some fun things here and of course eat. 

Rainbow bagels were something I read about a long time ago, so of course when I passed the bagel store, I had try some. They have some really fun cream cheese flavors too like fruity pebble and funfetti.

We also visited an old school ice cream soda shop called the Farmacy where we tried an old school tootsie roll egg creme and a potato chip ice cream sundae.

Another sweet treat we stumbled upon was called Mia's Bakery where they had amazing, massive cakes and other yummy things. I had banana pudding and Mike got carrot cake....incredible.

Schmorgesborg is something that happens every Sunday where multiple food truck vendors come to Prospect Park. The only time we have been able to visit was when it was still 9000 degrees outside so we were a hot and sweaty mess. (Luckily since then it has cooled down significantly). 

Chicken Parm Burger

Ice cream in a bubble waffle from Wowfulls

 The ever amazing ramen burger with ramen noodles instead of a bun! incredible!

We had a few more visitors here this past month, including playing tour guide with Mike's parents. We took them to Chinatown for some dim sum and an egg waffle sundae from Eggaloo. We also took them to Times Square and Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Not all of our time has been spent in the city this month. Mike and I both got to visit Tuxedo Park in upstate NY with the family I nanny. There was much time spent at the pool, and the family even took us to a concert at a winery. We also spent some time in Brockport to celebrate some birthdays and a wedding.


Recreating some fun pictures from the year before

mike doing his thing as the photographer <3

We have had some exciting celebrations this month too including our one year anniversary! We decided to celebrate by taking Mike to his first Broadway show. Mike won the Wicked lottery that evening, and we both really enjoyed it.

When we got home, Mike surprised me with a scavenger hunt with poems he wrote and ended in a ring!

but no worries, it's just a promise ring (:
 Another celebration we had this month was Mike's birthday! We attempted to have a picnic in Prospect Park, however, there was a 5K and it was a million degrees, so we had it home instead. I made Pokemon marble cake cupcakes and surprised Mike with tickets to Toruk (the cirque du soleil show based off of Avatar)at the Barclays Center and some delicious Indian food.

On the audition front, I have had a few auditions including a dinner theater in Ohio, The Heathers in White Plains, Royal Caribbean, Prathers Entertainment and was suppose to audition for the international tour of Wizard of Oz and then the tour was cancelled. If I am being entirely honest, not a single one of these auditions has gone how I wanted it to, but I know as the audition season continues, I will eventually become more comfortable with auditioning in NYC. I had been placing a lot of pressure on myself with knowing I moved here for more opportunities, and I think because I have been out of the audition scene for a while I was struggling a bit to get into my comfort zone. 

Most of you saw my Facebook status of a wonderful opportunity with Disney that kind of appeared out of nowhere last week. I was at a Palace Theater audition when I got a call from Disney Cruise Line about an immediate face character contract on board the Disney Wonder. After being able to speak to the casting director face to face on Monday at the actual DCL audition, the decision was made that this might not be the opportunity for me after all, and this will not be happening. I guess what I take out of all of this is that I can't actually say I am done with Disney because you really, truly, never know. 

My "day job"position is with New York Kids Club and have been training all month. I have actually really enjoyed the training process and make some new friends. I will be working their weekend events such as Birthday and PJ Parties, teaching some Saturday morning gymnastics classes, and subbing for various art, music, rockwall, gym, and other sort of classes. 

The bombings that happened in the city a few days ago did not effect me until about three days after, when I went to work for Kids Club on 22 street (where I had been working for most of the summer after moving). The subway stop I take to walk to there was right where the bombings had happened. Even three days later the damage and security efforts could still be seen. It was pretty crazy to think something so horrible was so close.  

For now, NYC and I are getting along just fine, and who knows what opportunities might be just around the corner. 

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