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at one point in our lives, our parents put us down, and never picked us up again

Happy autumn everyone! Too bad I only got to wear a jacket and boots for about three days before NYC decided to be 85 degrees out of nowhere again. Mike and I are heading to Brockport this weekend to partake in some fall festivities such as pumpkin picking and carving, and I am thoroughly hoping it cools back down so my pumpkin doesn't melt.  

We also headed to Coney Island this month for their fall festival. After Disney, Coney Island seems a bit underwhelming, but the beach there is beautiful and we even got to try the famous Nathan's Hot Dogs.

For Mike's birthday, my sister got the two of us a Groupon for a cupcake tour of NYC. We started off the tour with a peanut butter banana cupcake from Baked by Melissa. I also got to sample their signiture tye dye cupcake which tasted just like a sugar cookie!

 Next was mango italian sorbet from Amaretto, which was so juicy and tasted like a real mango. 
 My favorite stop was Molly's Cupcakes. We got to create our own cupcake at this station. I chose a vanilla cupcake with the brown butter frosting. I didn't love the frosting but Mike had the red velvet cupcake with an amazing french buttercream frosting, so I ended up snagging most of his frosting (:. They also had a sprinkle station where you chose what type of sprinkles to add (naturally, I chose cow sprinkles). The store is also decorated in a school style from lunch boxes to old board games, and even a small swing set.

Next stop was salted caramel macaroons from Bisous Ciao. I am not the worlds biggest macaroon fan, but Mike has not stopped talking about them.

 Final stop was the famous (from Sex and the City) Magnolia's Bakery. We had mini red velvet cupcakes that were delightful, but not as amazing at this places incredible banana pudding (everyone needs to try this). 
At the end of the tour, Mike and I won the joke contest and won little Baked by Melissa cupcake stickers. It was a super fun day, and we enjoyed walking around Greenwich Village area. 

Hamilton has been the talk of the town here in NYC, and I was super fortunate enough to have a friend of mine help with get us in. (Huge thanks to Thayne Jasperson for the tickets and backstage tour!) My first time stepping onto a Broadway stage was truly a thrilling experience, and provided me with a nice reminder of why we came all the way out here in the first place. I had not actually listened to much of the show prior to seeing it, which I think made seeing the show even more incredible. Mike has even been walking around the house singing it since we saw it. 

Great show, Thayne!

Speaking of why we moved here, auditions have been slowly picking up more and more. Auditions for Royal Caribbean (Grease), Ongonquit Playhouse, a few other regional theaters, three call backs with Norwegian Cruise Line for Pricilla Queen of the Desert, and my first equity audition experience. Auditioning here really is a whole different world and incredibly hard work. I am trying so hard to stay positive, especially since everyone says the first year is the hardest. 

Sara (friend from NY Kids Club) and I just died a bit in that dance audition

The only way to make it through it all is by finding ways to make the little stuff meaningful, like random cellar comedy shows. This one in particular was really fun, especially because they handed out ice cream bars after!

 Another of our day dates, we decided to walk the Brooklyn Bridge on a beautiful, fall day (and if anyone decides to come visit {hint, hint}, we will have to take them here!). 

I have been trying to shake this weird virus for a few days, complete with a terrible cough and sore throat, so after the Brooklyn Bridge, Mike and I spent some quality time in the park nearby...aka...I fell asleep, and Mike played Sim City...

Another park we visited was a small little park some of you may have heard of called Central Park. The leaves have slowly started to change color and we visited the Belvedere Castle, hoping to find Cinderella's Royal Table inside (sadly, it wasn't there...guess we will just have to go to Orlando for Thanksgiving instead!).

Getting our fill of Hong Kong, Mike and I visit Chinatown regularly. We found a new dim sum place called Dim Sum Go, Go for our 18 month anniversary.  

We also found a super yummy dumpling place, called Mr. Dumpling, where they hand roll them in front of you. I even got to order in Cantonese!

And finally, Japanese Ramen for the win!!

I am so incredibly glad I can find my Home Kong in my new home here in NYC. I am also looking forward to the chance to go back to Orlando for Thanksgiving for a bit as well. Happy autumn! 

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