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eat cake, because it's someones birthday somewhere, like mine!

Happy first post of 2017 (meaning I survived waiting in Times Square on New Years Eve)!

New Years Eve Mike and I could not decide if it was going to be worth it to head over to Times Square at 10am and wait over 12 hours without food, bathrooms, or comfort of any kinds just to watch the ball drop at midnight. We eventually settled on heading over that way mid day at about 4pm to still experience a bit of the madness, but without too much discomfort.

Step one was to stop drinking any sort of liquids around 2pm. I was never too uncomfortable as far as having to go to the bathroom because of this, but I have never been so thirsty in my life. I wanted to drink an ocean when we got home.

Step two was to bundle up in as many layers as possible. Since it wasn't too cold and luckily wasn't raining or snowing it wasn't too bad, but we just wanted to be prepared.

We also were not allowed to bring bags into the area, so we loaded up with as many portable chargers and snacks as we could before heading out. We rode the subway a little above Times Square to avoid the massive crowds and had to follow the police instructions to the street openings. Once we got to the opening on 54th st, we had to waddle our way through the security check point. The police block off the main roads by creating pens out of metal bars to get people in and out easier and have a little more control. We were some of the first in our pen on 7 Av and 54th St, so it was nice and empty for a little while. 

We weren't even sure we were in the right spot at first because the ball had yet to rise to the top in order to drop, so it was sort of difficult to tell if we were in an ok spot or not. At 6pm, the excitement began, and the ball was lifted to the top of the pole...

I say we started at 54th because after about two hours of waiting, the police decided to open the pen we were in and the pen ahead of us, and a running of the bulls situation begins where everyone starts rushing forward. 

This actually happened two or three times, allowing us to get closer to the ball each time, but it also encouraged people to pack in a little tighter each time, thinking we were going to move again, so in the end, we were pretty smashed in and stuck standing like that for about 4 hours. 

In the end, we ended up on 7th Av and 52 St, right in front of Rosie O'Grady's pub, which was a really nice place to be for not getting there at 10am. Since we weren't right up near 42nd St, we could not hear any of the performances or see much of anything besides the ball, so we ended up watching most of it via live stream on Mike's ipad (allowing us to make lots of friends with the people around us). There was a party going on on the top floor of Rosie's with a DJ, who around 11pm opened the doors and started playing his music really loud for all of us down below to jam to. It was really nice to have some atmosphere music when the ball actually did drop too.

Every hour there was a mini countdown and some fireworks, which made for a little bit of entertainment in the hours of standing in the cold.

three hours to go

One of these hourly countdowns even had some practice confetti thrown. All I wanted was to be in the confetti zone, but we were no where near where that was going to be happening, but the wind carried it to us and I was so excited haha

and when in doubt, use snapchat filters to make it feel like you're in the confetti zone
FINALLY, the big moment came and it was time was the midnight countdown! 

Not gonna lie, I did cry a few happy tears because we did it and it was not easy...also Mike caught me a piece of confetti! Happy 2017!

Happy New Years!
We started Jan 1 off with a bang, and with Mickey Mouse waffles with our new waffle iron from my mom for Christmas, so we knew this year was going to be awesome.

Following the New Year was my birthday on Jan 10. I turned 25 this year, which is crazy to me because I can no longer say I am in my early twenties (wah!). On the weekend before my actual birthday, Mike surprised me with a reservation at Hotel Chantelle, which is a sort of speak easy, roof top restaurant, themed to look like the streets of Paris. I had some of the best steak I have ever had and Mike had a chicken parmesan pizza that was the size of both of our heads combined. We also had a massive soft pretzel with some incredible tasting dipping sauces like homemade jalapeno cheese and chili chocolate.

 I also got free dessert with a birthday candle that was a marshmellow-nutella bread pudding, and it was amazing.

But of course the real dessert was on my actual birthday, when Mike made me a unicorn birthday cake out of the only cake pan we have, a dinosaur.

On my actual birthday, I had to work most of the day, and then Mike and I went to The Nugget Spot for some captain crunch dusted nuggets and cheese fries after. 

It was a really great, low key birthday and although I am not thrilled about turning 25, I am glad to have gotten to celebrate it with all the well wishes from across the globe. Also, Mike got me a Kindle Fire for my birthday, and I am so in love with it!

Another birthday surprise was one of my friends from Florida,Cat, coming up for her first NYC visit! We did quite a lot while she was here, including my favorite, Japanese ramen at Ichiran (just like they have in Hong Kong and Tale as Old as Time was playing while we were in there!).

We also visited the Brooklyn Bridge and walked all the way across to Manhattan.

From there, we headed to Battery Park to see the Seaglass Carousel which was closed and I cried a little, but don't worry, I will ride you one day mermaid carousel!

We of course checked our Times Square and the Disney store there too.

Another Hong Kong favorite was Tim Ho Wan dim sum, and one just opened here in NYC, and I could not be more excited. Mike and I took Cat there to try some of their delicious pork buns, but sadly, they were no longer serving any more customers because they were already at capacity. 

Instead, we ended up in an even longer line for Katz's Delicatessen, who is famous for their pastrami on rye sandwich, and after trying it, I now understand why, and it was totally worth the wait.

The other Cat and her friend Rachel wanted to try was bubble waffles from Eggloo, which was just as delicious as the last time I had tried them.

I was really glad Cat was able to come be my first official visitor in the city, and now hopefully many other friends and family will get to come visit soon (hint, hint).

Some other exciting news on the audition front is I have finally booked my first show here in NYC! I found it extremely ironic that the show is of course The Little Mermaid, but this rendition is at least a little different than the one Ariel and I swam together in. The show is the children's version, and instead of Ariel, the main characters name is Coral. She still has the same storyline, however, she only has two sisters, and I will be playing the ditzy one named Shelly. I am really excited to get to add an Off-Broadway credit to my resume, and it is a paid performance gig! The show begins in the end of February and runs until the end of April, which is perfect timing, because Mike and I just booked a month long trip to Europe for June and July! We will be traveling to London, Athens, Santorini, Rome, Pompeii, Venice, Pisa, Switzerland, Germany, Brussels, and Paris, and we would love any sort of traveling tips one might have for these areas! We are already loving using Air B n B, and here is a $35 credit on me for your next excursion! We could not be more excited for our next adventure, because what is life without a little adventure. 

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