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may your life be as awesome as you pretend it is on instagram

It has been quite some time since I last posted, however, audition season has been in full swing, and things have been a bit hectic (in a good way). 

The last month of auditions, I have been given some really positive feedback. I have been working with my voice coach on some new vocal material, and the new songs have started to land me a lot of call backs and audition appointments. I had multiple dance and vocal callbacks for Mac-Hayden Theatre, Highland Theatre, Ocean City Theatre Company, Millbrook Playhouse, and even a Mary Poppins call back for Disney Cruise Line. Most of these offers are still going out, but thus far, I haven't booked anything just yet. 

Little Mermaid has been running for about a month now, and it is still so exciting to me to see our tickets being sold at TKTS in Times Sqaure. Since the show is an Off-Broadway show, we have been lucky to have a lot of very full performances. We perform the shows on Thursdays and Fridays for schools that are bused in and then the public performances are on the weekends. We have a few weeks of shows left, and I am so excited for my mom and sister Hilary to come visit and see it. Mike has seen the show about three times now and was able to snag some pictures seen below.

my favorite guppy <3

my secret shipwreck costume...aka the death eater
longing to see anything but sea

shelly, coral, and pearl <3

deep sea blues

one world in two parts

sisters for evah! 
the evil fish witch

shelly always on her shell phone

Because life has been so busy with the show and working, and most of our free time is being spent planning our Europe trip this summer, we have sort of been lacking in the adventure department, however, we did have one stroke of luck! Mike and I entered the lottery for the chance at free tickets for a few different tapings in the city, and won tickets to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert! Now the "late" show is actually filmed at about 4 o'clock in the afternoon and when we got there, we had to wait about an hour until they actually let us into the facility where they tape. Once we were inside they were extremely strict about no one having out their cellphones and no photos. There were also security team members hovering over each row watching you very intensely the entire 2 hour taping. The show itself was really neat to watch being filmed. You are encouraged to laugh and cheer a little louder than usual so the microphones can pick it up for filming. Before the show started, Stay Human came out and played a bit, and a comedian warmed the crowd up a bit. Stephen made his entrance and of course everyone went crazy and the filming began. The guests that were there that day were Jessica Lange, Bassem Youssef, and Judy Gold. It was a really fun thing to do and I would totally recommend it for anyone that happens to be interested. 

Of course most of you by now have seen that my best friend Amy (who I was in Hong Kong with but she is from England) was here for a visit. Mike had his spring break vacation from work, and had told me to leave my week open so we could travel somewhere, but instead, he and Amy had been planning a surprise visit. 

 We did SOOO much while Amy was here, so bear with me. The first day, I had a show, but Amy did some exploring in Greenwich Village on her own, and we met up after for cookie Do!
We then had to go check out Times Square (during the day) and the Disney store, where we relived our days in Hong Kong together by taking part in the 3 o'clock parade where you pick out your mask and walk around the store.

also, olaf did not fit my face very well and my eye is peeking out of one side of the mask

please note winnie the pooh in the back left side of this picture because I cannot stop laughing at it
Mike met up with us after he got out of school and we headed to Rockefeller Plaza, Radio City Music Hall, and several stores.

(and we found the secret waterfall wall!)
We of course had to take Amy to Chinatown and see all the things that reminded us of Hong Kong like the market and dim sum at Jing Fong.

And we topped off the night with watching the sunset at Brooklyn Bridge Park (where they were filming some of Salamander!).

The next day started with another show and Amy did the 9/11 memorial and museum before we met up for her first Chipotle experience.

Since it was rainy and yucky out, we thought we would be really clever and go to Coney Island to the aquarium....what we did not realize is it is mostly outside, and we got soaked!

amy trying not to blow away in front of Luna Park

The next day was much nicer, and we headed to Chelsea Market for lunch, walked the High Line, and got Amy her first corn dog! 

chelsea market

the high line

Amy and Mike got to see my show this night as well and I loved having some familiar faces (and hearing the laughter) in the audience! 

The next day we walked the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, which has become one of Mike and I's favorite touristy things to do.

When we got to the Manhattan side, we walked to Battery Park, checked out Castle Clinton National Monument, walked by the water, and rode the sea glass carousel that I have been wanting to ride for months!

After all my dreams came true riding that carousel, we rode back and forth on the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty up close and personal.

 As it started to get dark, we took Amy back to Times Square so she could see it all lit up. 

We then walked back to Rockefeller Plaza for our tour on Top of the Rock! We rode this super fast elevator that has a glass ceiling at the top where a little movie plays on top (it's a little scary for someone who has rode Tower of Terror one too many times...).

The views on the top of the Rockefeller Building were spectacular though!

There were three floors you could freely roam between, including this very strange blue room to cross over to the other side.

We got to do so much in Amy's trip and I absolutely loved having her here. Some of the other things she and Mike got to do were go to The MET, MOMA, the Museum of Natural History, Union Square, and almost all of Central Park. We of course had some time to squeeze in some shopping, chick fil a, and pork buns from Tim Ho Wan (soo good and worth the wait!). 

We also had a little surprise party for Amy since her birthday is coming up in the next week.

happy birthday aims!
It has been so quiet at our house now since she left, and I miss her so much already, but knowing I get to see her in just two short months on our European Adventure makes my heart so happy!

In the next few weeks we will have some more visitors too and that also makes my heart so happy!

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