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Not everyone is as fortunate to have a photo of the moment you meet your future husband or wife for the very first time, but if you do, you know what a treasure it is.

Once upon a time, under the sea, Mike met Ariel with his family on April 1, 2015, however, they would not see each other again until a month later when Mike was sent to the Grotto as her photopass. The two became instant friends where yet another photo was taken, (this time with Cassidy actually in it).

But once again, Cassidy and Mike did not have any way to contact each other until someone tagged them in the photo posted above weeks later. 

Mike was taking a cross country road trip at the end of the summer, and was fortunate enough to meet up with Cassidy at the beginning of the trip and ending his trip in Florida.

At the end of Mike's visit, Cassidy decided she needed a vacation as well before she went to Hong Kong for her third contract, and traveled back with him and his family to Brockport, where he made things more official.


Mike and I have been together about two years now, and have been through many amazing adventures. On June 18, 2017 (our 22 month anniversary), Mike's parents were visiting us in NYC before we left on our Europe trip, and what I thought was saying goodbye to them turned out to be them rushing off to help set up for a huge surprise. 

Mike had told me we had a 9:45am reservation for something, and we were going to take a shortcut through Prospect Park to get there. As we walked toward one of our favorite waterfalls, Mike's pocket starts playing the music from the movie "UP" and I see about 50 colorful balloons with a small house tied to them approaching the bottom of the waterfall.

Mike stopped me in front of the balloons and asked me if would like to visit Paradise Falls with him (just like in the movie), to which of course I say yes. He ushers me over to a small flipped over trash bin, which he has covered in sparkles, and helps me hop over the fence. We pick up the house and balloons and begin our small hike up to the top of the waterfall. 

When we get to the top, he shows me a small adventure book that he has filled with photos of us in and tells me our story. The final page contained a special message: "Cassidy, you are my beautiful adventure. Will you marry me?" and on the final page in the book is a small compartment where the ring was hidden.

**He finishes reading before getting down on one knee and asking me officially to marry him, where of course I said YES!**

At this point, I noticed Mike's parents hiding down below taking video and pictures of the whole scene - they hadn't really left like I thought! So sneaky!

It was such a magical way to spend the day before we left on our trip, since we, together got to call all of our loved ones and celebrate with them individually. 

Or you can view the video if you'd like to see the whole thing for yourself:

As of now, we are thinking the wedding will probably be next summer around our anniversary date. I am so incredibly excited for our beautiful WEDventure to continue and Michael Worboys, I cannot wait to become your wife!

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You won't want to miss our next adventure - an engagement tour of Europe!

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Emily said...

Love you both - can't wait to celebrate with you!

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