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A European Engagement: Zermatt

We left Venice around 8am, and took the train toward Switzerland, but first, we had another layover. Our train arrived late in Milan, which meant our two hour layover turned into about an hour and 15 minutes. Instead of metro-ing it to The Milan Cathedral, we decided a bit of chill time in Milan's version of Central Park would be a better idea.

The three trains we took to get to Zermatt were nothing short of interesting. On the international train from Italy into Sweden, we saw passport control arrest two people without tickets, passports, or luggage. Once we arrived in Brig, we had to take the Glacier Express scenic train to Zermatt, where Mike was totally loving every minute of it.

{Pro Tip: By taking the Glacier Express, you are killing two birds with one stone. You get the beautiful train ride, similar to the Gornergrat scenic train experience, but without the hefty price tag}

We finally arrived in Zermatt, which was a very intimate little ski town, and got our first glimpse of the amazing Matterhorn mountain.

We checked into our first hostel, the Matterhorn Hostel, of the trip where we were staying in a private room, but it has 7 beds, and multiple bunk beds all to ourselves.

{Pro Tip: Although hostels might not always be the most luxurious way to travel, in places like Switzerland they can save you a lot of money in the long run, and by getting your own room, it can still sort of feel like a hotel}

We only had about 14 hours actually in Zermatt, so we dropped our stuff and headed out to the Matterhorn museum. The museum is complete with lots of stories of those who have lost their lives on the Matterhorn, including the controversial first successful climb. There is also a cemetery where some of those tombstones of these climbers can be found.

One of the first successful climbers

One of my bucket list items was eating Swiss chocolate in Switzerland. We got 100 grams of truffles (about 8) for about $12 US dollars from Laderach in town and they were melt in your mouth good!

Matterhorn with the Matterhorn chocolate truffle

Since most people go to Zermatt to ski, bike, hike, or other outdoorsy activities, we chose to go on a mini hike near our hostel. The hike was about 20 minutes, but all up a pretty steep hill (so naturally I took as many breaks as I could filling up the water bottle in the natural streams).

Check out other great hike options in Zermatt here!
 The only photo you will ever see of me smiling while hiking, and it was probably because I was singing the hills are aliiiiive with the sound of music AHHHH the entire time.

Our end destination was a waterfall over this (terrifying) bridge, with great views of the Matterhorn, and the glacier river below.

Once it got dark enough (which wasn't until about midnight), Mike went back out to see the stars and the Matterhorn, while I snoozed away.

He also got up super early to catch a glimpse of the sunrise on the Matterhorn as well (he really liked this mountain if you couldn't tell).

Our 14 hours were up at this point, but I was sort of ok with it. Zermatt is very expensive (we're talking $8 US dollars for a happy meal from McDonalds expensive), so I was ok with not spending too much time here, even if it was exceptionally beautiful.

It was time to once again take the Glacier Express back down to Brig to transfer to Geneva. Bye Zermatt! Thank you for letting me live out my Madeline dreams. 

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