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Real Princesses Fix Each Others Crowns

Life in NYC is always much more exciting when another princess is visiting, especially when she comes all the way from London to help wedding plan! For those newer readers, Amy and I met overseas singing together with our princess friends in Hong Kong around 2 years ago. 

Things are never dull when Amy's around, and her visit to NYC started off immediately with excitement when we walked into the house and there was a tiny mouse stuck to one of the traps the exterminator had left (sigh). Amy being the humanitarian she is helped release it back downstairs through both of our screams and panic. 

After recovering from seeing a live animal caged where it shouldn't be, we decided to go see more, at the Central Park Zoo! Although it was freezing out, and even snowed while we were there, we wandered around at all the animal exhibits and were greeted by quite a few with a very personal welcome.

oh red pandas why must you be so cute!

I am truly ready for Spring at this point, however, Winter seems to just be hanging on. It wasn't just snowing at the zoo, it also was blizzarding almost the entire time Amy was here visiting. 

Luckily our drive to Brockport to see the wedding venue was snow free, and the six hour drive was worth it once Amy saw how much cheaper American groceries are outside of NYC (and how magical Wegmans grocery store is). 

Of course the American treats did not just stop at the grocery, we also introduced the sugar crazy Brit to Taco Bell and Jimmy Z's (the caterer for our wedding), where Jimmy spoiled her with a pot of Jimmys ice cream covered in sprinkles. 

surprisingly the Baha Blast was a little "too much" for this sugar-a-holic! 

Thanks for the treat Jimmy!

After way too much sugar, and a lot of time in the hot tub, we decided to be productive, working on things for the wedding. Sunday morning we visited the wedding venue to take some measurements, do some envisioning, and fill up on pancakes. The venue had a weekend event happening where community members could come tap trees for maple for homemade syrup and enjoy a pancake breakfast.

The wedding venue looked slightly different than when we had visited last summer... maybe it had something to do with the fact that we had to ski to get to where our ceremony site would be, or the fact that there was a solid foot of snow covering everything...one may never know.

After an acceptable amount of goofing off, we of course buckled down and got quite a few things completed for the wedding. So excited as it gets closer and closer everyday!

only 115 DAYS! 

The weekend eventually came to an end, and we did have to make our way back to NYC. Luckily with the blizzard, Amy's flight was cancelled and we got to spend some extra time with her snacking our way through NYC including some of Amy's favorites, a street hot dog, Chick fil a, and Do

But of course old favorites have to be put to the test with new possibilities, including Levain Bakery, known for having thee best chocolate chip cookie (it was pretty great! Warm and gooey, my fav!), and my new favorite place in NYC, Alice's Tea Cup

Our white raspberry champagne tea was perfectly complimented by the ham and cheese scone and chocolate chip raspberry with homemade clotted cream, not to mention the adorable Alice in Wonderland whimsy. Needless to say, it comes highly recommended. 

Some other (non-food related) NYC activities we marked off the bucket list included living our best Gossip Girl dreams at Grand Central Station. 

Hey Upper East Siders. Gossip Girl here. And I have the biggest news ever. One of my many sources, Melanie91, sends us this: “Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen.” Was it only a year ago our It Girl mysteriously disappeared for “boarding school”? And just as suddenly, she’s back. Don’t believe me? See for yourselves. Lucky for us, Melanie91 sent proof. Thanks for the photo, Mel.

The Blair to my Serena XOXO
So until next time, you know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl.

Also located at Grand Central is the Whispering Wall, where one person stands at one side of the archway near the Oyster Bar, and someone stands on the opposite arch, and whispers into the wall. Somehow, the acoustics are just right for you to hear what the other is saying, although you may look like you are in a time out...

Before the blizzard restrained us to the house, we made a few more stops at Central Park, Times Square, and Brooklyn Bridge.
Strawberry Fields Forever 

So no one told you life was gonna be this way! Friends Fountain!


Of course the absolute highlight of the day was finally seeing ANASTASIA! The show was incredible and I absolutely loved it to the point of actually wanting to see it again some time. Christy Altomare glows on that stage and the story might as well be hers to tell. 

Eventually the snow did come, resulting in Mike's school closing and Amy's flight being cancelled til the following evening, but allowing us plenty of time to play in the 16 inches of snow!

Who else is ready for Spring?!

When Amy's flight did leave to go back to London, it was heartbreaking as always, however, it was also equally exciting knowing the next time I would see her would be for the wedding! 

Thanks so much for your help this week Aims, miss you already, and HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAYYYY!

Although it is always more fun when there are guests visiting, Mike and I occasionally will go out and do something exciting like sit through a Tonight Show taping with Jimmy Fallon! It was so similar to the ride we had just done the week prior at Universal Studios, it was almost eerie. The show taping was way more fun than the other show tapings we had done, and if you find yourself in the city with tickets, I would absolutely recommend getting in on the action.

full episode here! 

Easter is coming up this weekend, and although we don't have any plans as of now, I have a feeling the Easter bunny just might find us for our last NYC Easter. I am also heading to Orlando for my bridal shower and a family visit in just under a week and cannot wait to have that Florida sunshine on my face! Hoppy Easter, friends!

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