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less to-dos more tah-dahs!

Any of you out there ever planned a wedding before? Wow, is it exhausting.  I am so happy that this will be my last blog post ever as a non-married woman though, woohoo!

 In case you missed it, Mike and I just recently moved from NYC, to live at his parents home in upstate NY til the wedding. After the wedding, we leave for our honeymoon in Hawaii, then upon our return will be visiting my family in Orlando for a few days before leaving around August 18 for Hong Kong til November (phew!). With all this traveling, I am so grateful for the slow days we had camping, where my biggest concern was trying not to get too sunburnt or which book I was going to read next.

I am not one for camping usually, but I do think it is starting to grow on me (shh! Don't tell Mike!). 

Most of our time was spent relaxing on the boat, tubing, or coming up with new crazy types of s'mores. 

two powdered sugar doughnuts with marshmallow, cherry pie filling, graham crackers, &fruity pebbles smooshed between!

But that was only in between ice cream runs and campfire building (I am now an expert). 

When the weather got outrageously hot, we took a little air conditioned adventure to the beauty that is the Wild Center. This is such a fun place to bring the whole family, with lots of hands on activities. It totally felt like we were at Animal Kingdom the whole time, which of course made our little Disney-loving hearts happy.

Celebrating the Fourth of July while camping at Fish Creek is always something special. There is a 4th of July bike parade on the campground, and in the evening, nearby in Lake Placid there is a wonderful firework display. We also felt really festive this year and decorated a 4th of July tree!

 Happy Birthday, America!

Speaking of celebrations, Mike and his dad have been hiking the high peak mountains of the Adirondacks for over 10 years, and while on this trip, they completed their last one, which means they are both officially part of the Adirondack 46ers! It is literally impossible for me to be more proud of them, but the best part was getting to meet the two near the top of their last mountain, and finish the hike with them. 

We will just say, I will let them do the hiking from now on, but it was truly incredible getting to cheer them on at the top.

Way to go guys!

Back from camping, and fully thrown into wedding reality, Mike's family through us a super fun Hawaiian themed wedding shower to celebrate the chaos before the chaos. 

lemon cake- Mike's favorite!

been together almost 3 years and he still is constantly flirting (:

wait a minute...pretty sure that will be the next shower...in a few years!

Although this planning process has been insane and stressful, Mike and I found a moment to slip away and recreate the night Mike first asked me to be his girlfriend in 2015. He first took me to watch the sunset at the canal and then we saw a movie at the drive-in. This time we saw Incredibles 2, which we loved as well.

I cannot believe the wedding is going to be here in a week! Be sure to subscribe in order to be the first to see our WEDDING AND HONEYMOON PHOTOS in the next blog post (also give me some grace time to write it because I am going to be a littttle busy...). Til then!

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