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Travel Is The Healthiest Addiction {Hilton Head, SC}

{Side Bar- This post is part 2 of Mike's birthday trip, so if you missed part 1, skip back to Atlanta post here first.}

The second half of our week was spent at Hilton Head, South Carolina at Disney's Hilton Head Resort.
Initially when we had tried to book this trip on our own (last minute), there were not any rooms available, but through Disney magic, and a little help from our friends at the DVC Rental Store, we made it work! This resort is a Disney Vacation Club Resort, and if you are wanting to go, I'd highly recommend renting the points through them. 

Upon our midday arrival, we were greeted by Mickey, cookies, and lemonade, so we already knew it was going to be a great few days.

There was also a small room off to the side of the main house to play pool at, and take home a free souvenir on their sticky pic machine!

Next stop on our way to our room was quickly to check out the beautiful marsh view from the back.

We made it to our studio bedroom and unpacked some of our belongings before enjoying some time in my new favorite place, on the balcony in our rockers. 

Since it was still Mike's birthday, he requested we visit the beach for sunset before heading out to dinner. One of the unique things about this Disney resort is it has access to the beach, however, you have to either drive or take the complimentary shuttle the 5 minute drive to the beach house to get to it.  

The beach itself is located on Palmetto Dunes ocean front, and it's beautiful, complete with soft sand and vast ocean views. In order to access it, you must first enter Disney's Beach House, which has a pool of it's own as well as quick service counters, and a small air conditioned lounge. 


We got to the beach just in time for sunset, and even got to see a sea turtle nest!

Once it was fully dark, we were pretty ready for some dinner. We pigged out on some delicious Italian food at Giuseppi's Pizza and Pasta just down the street. 

Although you have to go to the Disney Beach House to access the ocean, there is still a pool on the resort property as well. We wanted to check out the hot tub for a late night swim before heading to bed. It was a bit of a hike to access the pool from our room, but it allowed us to visit every aspect of the resort during our walks over there. There are lots of fun mini games placed throughout the resort, including mini golf, basketball, horseshoes, cornhole, and even hammocks, and we visited all of them on our long pool walks. 

The next day, we got up (way too) early to watch the sunrise on the beach over at the Disney Beach House. It was a beautiful sunrise with some really pretty colors, so I'd say it was worth it.

While taking a walk along the water, we were surprised with some wildlife, like sand dollars, crabs, and even dolphins!

Ready to rinse off the salty ocean water, we made our way back to our resort pool, stopping along the way to visit a few resort highlights. 

One of the main sights is a small fishing pier, where the wind is blowing, and the birds are chirping, and it's truly the epitome of relaxing. 

Also the best kind of relaxation, water slides! 

The pool on property is super cute, and we were pretty lucky to have it to ourselves almost every time we were there.
Right next to the pool and the fishing pier, you will find Tide Me Over, where you can purchase your classic Disney treats like Dole Whips and Mickey Pretzels, while they play classic Disney attraction music making you feel like you are right at the parks. 
There's also a tiny little souvenir shop where we were sad to learn there was not a lot of specific Hilton Head Resort merchandise, but they did give us some left over hurricane supplies now that Hurricane Dorian had safely passed. 

Mid afternoon was approaching quickly, which meant it was almost low tide. We had gotten a tip from Mike the Pool Guy at the Beach House about the best beach to visit during low tide and we were eager to check it out. 

Fish Haul Beach Park (also known as Mitchelville Beach) has an incredibly unique landscape at low tide, where the water recedes incredible amounts. You really never know what you will find here. 

It almost felt like walking on the moon (without the water part of course) but you have to be incredibly wary of the soft ground. We enjoyed combing the beach and finding all sorts of crabs, pelicans, and little fish. 
The coolest thing we found though was a baby pufferfish swimming around!

We had to get back to the resort soon after our exploring for one of the highlights of the day, meeting Pluto! The Disney characters do not visit at Hilton Head often, but you will find the mascot of the resort, Shadow, there daily. Shadow first appeared at the resort during construction in 1996, and by opening day, she was part of the resort’s family. Guests can join her on a walk around the resort during Shadow’s Funny Bunny Hunt, hear about her adventures at Shadow’s Tale story time, or visit her in her many dog houses, but on this day, she was greeting with Pluto!

After the excitement of Shadow and Pluto, we were ready for some dinner. We chose a quick stop so we could get to another beach for sunset, and were really surprised with how good it was. If you find yourself in Hilton Head, make sure to grab some hushpuppies with honey butter from Marley's Shrimp and Burger 'Shack'.

 Mike also said his shrimp burger was a worth while adventure as well.

We decided to go to one of Hilton Head's more popular beaches, Coligny Beach for sunset this evening, which was nice, but more definitely crowded. Coligny has a cute little beach town within walking distance with tons of beach front restaurants to choose from, which doesn't surprise me why it was teeming with people at this time of night. 

Finishing the night off with some ice cream from Hilton Head Ice Cream Shop, we felt like this trip could not get any better.... 

But unavoidably, the end did have to come, and we only had a few hours left in our little paradise. The morning before we left, we needed a little more of our favorites first...
a little more beach time... 
don't make us go ))):

a little more rocking chair time...

and a lot more hammock time....

It's never easy to leave paradise or vacation, but always knowing we will be back or on to another adventure often helps. In the meantime, if you find yourself heading to Hilton Head, South Carolina, check out our must see and must eat lists, along with some helpful hints here!

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