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The Best Things In Life Aren't Things

This holiday season, Mike and I were blessed with some extra time with both of our families. With Mike working at SeaWorld we don't always get to celebrate Christmas together, however, with Mike's brother Justin getting married so close to Christmas, we were actually able to spend the season together.

Christmas Eve was our travel day from Orlando to Brockport, arriving almost right at midnight to begin the Merry Christmas wishes. Being immediately blasted by freezing cold air right off the plane was a great reminder that it was in fact Christmas, even if there was no snow the entire time we were there. Christmas day was spent between various family members houses, watching the kiddos open gifts from Santa, playing new games, and eating delicious holiday treats. 

Christmas came and went this year a little quicker than usual, because we had a wedding to prepare for on Dec 28 (also my mom's birthday, happy birthday mom!). 

Justin and his new bride Jen have been teaching in Thailand the last 2 years, and we were lucky enough to visit them when we were living in Hong Kong. Since they were home for the holidays on a brief break, it was perfect timing for a holiday wedding. Rehearsal at the church the night before and a rehearsal dinner with the family were first on the agenda. 
this kid cracks me up <3

On December 28, we celebrated Justin & Jen's love in upstate New York, and we were honored to be apart of the big day. Mike was one of the best men and I was asked to sing during the ceremony. I got ready with the girls at Jen's family home, while Mike and the boys got ready at the hotel, before taking a limo (or what our nephews called the 'limbo' ride) to the church. 

The 'Worboys' girls

The ceremony was more of a traditional Catholic service, with a few Lebanese traditions touches, and absolutely beautiful. 

the nephews <3


Worboys Siblings
 After some family portraits and wedding party photos at the nearby train station it was time to party!
whole clan on both sides!

'Worboys' Family

The reception was filled with dancing, speeches, and delicious food all night long, including a pistachio cannoli cake with a whipped frosting to die for.

nieces and nephews <3

the niece and nephews <3

Mr. & Mrs. Worboys

Congratulations to the Newlyweds! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and adventure!

We knew the time would come we would have to return to Orlando, but luckily, the holiday celebrations were far from over. With New Years right around the corner, Mike and I could not decided how we wanted to ring in 2020. Exhausted from the busyness of the wedding, we decided to have a quiet night in with my sister and her family, drinking sparking grape juice, playing games, and watching the ball drop on tv at midnight. 
Happy New Year!
With my birthday always being so close to Christmas, it can often be hard to know what to want to do for it. Lucky for me, my sister living in Michigan decided this would be the ideal week for their little family to come visit, so family time it was.

Mike and I spent my birthday morning having breakfast with some familiar friends at the new Disney Riviera Resort  at Topolino's Terrace. This was one of my favorite character dining experiences we have done so far. Everyone was incredibly kind and the food was amazing, not to mention the beautiful view from the terrace!

The theme is a blend of the flavors one would find while dining in France or along the Italian Mediterranean coast — the Riviera, and has an artisan twist to it. The paint bucket of pastries brought to your table first has 3 choices of sauce, strawberry, Nutella, and a honey butter, and to complete the art decor, a paintbrush knife is provided.

Additionally, our entrees were divine. I had the Croissant au Jambon (with ham, brie, and greens), and Mike had the Spiced Sausage Hash. 

Mickey and his friends spent a lot of extra time with us, since the restaurant was not overly crowded, and their new outfits were the cutest!
Minnie the writer- she said she would help us write our love story titled Beautiful Adventure

Mickey the painter 

Daisy the dancer

and Donald the Sculptor
 In true Disney fashion, I received a birthday treat and a song to also celebrate.

Both Mike and I would highly recommend this experience on your next Disney trip, it was such a blast.

With my birthday breakfast now finished, we were off to the spa for a massage and a facial (is this what 28 looks like now?!). After a little rest and relaxation, we were off to spend time with the family, including my baby nephew! Since my family has not been able to come visit me in Hong Kong, I wanted to share my love for the culture with them by taking them to try dim sum. Peter's Kitchen in Orlando is the only dim sum kitchen I have been able to locate nearby that resembles what dim sum should be, and having my family gathered around eating pork buns was definitely a highlight of my birthday this year.


We finished the evening out playing Jackbox games and eating my sprinkle roll cake Mike created for me.

It was a great birthday day, and the celebration even continued into the following day when the family visited Universal Studios. 

Our trip to Universal was cut mildly short, however, because the following day, Mike was running the Disney Marathon, and had to be there at 3am. Mike has been training for roughly a year now for this marathon, and I was so excited to get to cheer him on in person. The last Disney Marathon he ran in 2016 on my birthday, and with me being in Hong Kong, I could only cheer him on via Facetime. 
(enjoy these throwback photos-)

The weekend before the marathon, we picked up Mike's race bib and tshirt and checked out some of the merchandise at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports. 

One of the coolest things for this marathon was helping Mike design his shirt, which he had requested have all 6 Disney castles on it. The morning of the race, Mike's parents and I dropped him off at Epcot to start, and then started our own marathon of running around the parks trying to see him at various points of the race.

First stop was Magic Kingdom, where we waited in the humidity for his group to pass through, with him passing the first few miles before even seeing us.

start line!

Finally spotted him running toward the castle down Main Street!

We were on to our next location to the entrance of Hollywood Studios as the miles kept continuing for Mike-

look at him barely breaking a sweat <3


on the Skyliner on the way to Hollywood Studios
Mike was doing amazing and had reached the hardest point right around mile 23, which is where we met up with him. He also had some amazing encouragement along the way from our various friends and family members who had made him signs to look at via text while he was running that kept him inspired. Thanks to those who participated <3

We finally caught him to give him one more send off to the finish line-

Only 3 more miles to go-


And he did it!! I am so incredibly proud of this man, what an accomplishment!

def cried some happy tears when I got that last text!

So proud. Can't say it enough.

Of course we had to have a celebratory Disney dinner for the man, and he chose African cooking with Indian flavors at Sanaa found at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. With the view of the safari behind us, and the bread services with several flavors of naan and dips, it was paradise (except for the whole Mike could barely walk thing). 

butter chicken for the win!

Well done, Mike, we love you!

Like I said, it's been a pretty crazy holiday season, but I am so grateful to be surrounded by such a loving family.

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