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love is in the air...but so is the flu- wash your hands!

Thank you for taking a brief moment out of your day from buying toilet paper to stop and catch up on what is going on with my little family. With all the panic surrounding the Coronavirus right now, and one thing after another closing, along with all our jobs and income, it is time for some positive news; Mike and I are excited to announce that we will be returning to Hong Kong!

We are meant to be returning around April 20, however, with all Disney parks closed currently worldwide, we are aware this could change slightly. At the moment, the only information I have is I will once again be retuning Under The Sea with my favorite mermaid to sing in Mickey and the Wondrous Book when the time ultimately does come. 

Side bar- Honestly, the thing I am most broken hearted over all of this closure is our Disney Cruise we had booked for the end of March was just cancelled, and I had been looking forward to this for so long. My jobs started getting cancelled slowly about 2 weeks ago, so we have already been dealing with super fun things like financial instability and mostly boredom for awhile now, and with our cruise, it took a lot of effort for us to pull the trigger and book it in the first place. We also have no time to try and reschedule it. I know everyone is in a tough place at the moment and everyone has their concerns, but hang in there, we are all in the same boat (or not since our boat was cancelled), AND WASH YOUR HANDS! Better yet, just don't touch anything, ever. 

Anyways, I am super excited to be returning back to my Home Kong for another international hoorah before Mike and I start thinking about settling down. With us leaving Orlando so soon, we were fortunate enough to have some family time with both sides of the family (before the crazy pandemic took over) for the last few weeks. 

First family day was with my sisters family to Universal to ride the new Hagrids ride in Harry Potter World and celebrate Mardi Gras. 

a little sweets shopping in Honeydukes
wow this love potion really works!
we love HP!

jambalaya -Mardi Gras Food Stand

Crawfish Po Boy- Mardi Gras Food Stand
 One of the best parts of the day was getting to throw beads from the Mardi Gras parade floats with everyone! It was such a blast and my arm hurt for days afterward.

We had so much fun throwing beads this time, that when Mike's family came to visit, we did it again with them!!

We were super excited to have some visitors to show around Universal who had not been, especially for this little minion!
riding the Hogwarts Express 

We of course did Disney while Mike's parents and sisters family were in town as well. And to kick us off, in true Mardi Gras fashion, we took the boat from Disney Springs to French Quarter for some beignets. 

While staying at the Caribbean Beach Resort, we also visited the newly renovated Beaches and Cream to try out their new plant based cookie fries. I was not all that impressed with them because they are hard like a biscotti, and not soft like a cookie, but the dipping sauces were a fun touch. 
 We were also super lucky to have the most magical day together at Magic Kingdom with some beautiful weather (and delicious snacks)!

unlimited milkshakes at Plaza Restaurant 

Small World

no Disney trip complete without popcorn! 
and Mickey waffles!

And what would a vacation be without visiting SeaWorld as well, especially during the 7 Seas Food Festival. 
rainbow cheesecake cone? Yes.

Mike was pretty excited that we got to see AJR perform this year-

Now that we have said our farewells to the theme parks and things here in Orlando, I also wanted to make sure I got to see my family up north before shipping out to Hong Kong again. I flew up to Cincinnati to see grandma (and mom), where she made me homemade cookies and destroyed me at board games. 

Also, had to have skyline chili before leaving!

My mom and I drove up to Michigan to see my sister, Hilary, and her little family for a while as well. It was super weird driving back through some of the areas I grew up in, since it has been quite some time since I was last there. Also, it's cold here!! But super stoked to see some 'snow' for the first time this winter. 

It was so nice to get to get to spend some real quality time with my nephew, who is already growing up way too fast....

and my mom and sister as well.

Grateful to be surrounded by family in this weird time of life, however, I am really missing a sense of normal right now. This whole year has really been not 'normal' for us though. I am grateful to being going back to something I know and miss daily, but I will also miss some of the really cool opportunities we have had here this year -

*Check out the couple back by the globe at the end. We have seen this commercial EVERYYYYWHERE right now, which is super fun.


Now go wash your hands. 

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