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I am kind of starting to understand why pets try to run out of the house when the front door is open now {Quarantine in Hong Kong}

So, it has now been about a week and a half in quarantine, and we are officially past the halfway mark! I think I may go into shock the first time I experience fresh air or another actual human being after this. After time in isolation, I am most looking forward to some social contact, and definitely being able to choose my own meals again.

Meals have been very touch and go here. We don't get to choose or have any idea what is coming outside of what we told them our allergies were. Some things have been ok, while others have been immediately tossed out. 

When I don't like the option given, I have brought some meals I can make with hot water only (since there is no microwave in my room, only a small fridge), or I can use Food Panda (similar to Uber Eats) to deliver something. 

I have used Food Panda a few times now, once to order some McDonalds, because I really wanted to try the oreo pie (and oh my gosh, so worth it! Delicious!!)....

 the second time to order Blaze pizza, which was also good, but nothing like the Blaze Pizza at Disney Springs in Orlando...

and a third time for some Indian cuisine for some butter chicken and naan!

I am also very lucky to have some sweet, sweet friends, who will spoil me with treats to make things/meals a little more fun....
Thanks Sherry <3

Including my rice mold (pictured above), so when I have rice for the 45th time in a row, it's at least a fun shape.

I almost ran out of water bottles this week, so I asked the hotel to bring me more. A man showed up at the door and urgently handed me four small water bottles before running off. Can't wait to have to call them for more water...in one hour...

I am really lucky have amazing friends and family to keep me entertained (when they're awake), who I miss dearly, but make the time go a little faster.

To keep busy, I have also brought my diamond painting, embroidery, and word search book, when I am not watching Netflix or working out.

virtually watching the Zenon series with Amy 

I also have some online tasks to complete for Disney before being able to go to work, which I do in my "office" I have set up. I don't mind having something to do, and I would rather get all this done where I can freely snack anyways. 

The hotel is not allowed to offer services other than meal drop off to us in order to avoid contact, so we have to do our own cleaning and laundry. The laundry detergent Disney provided us with was written in Japanese, which I could not read, but luckily took a gamble. Initially my clothes seemed clean, however, because HK is so humid, and my room has little air flow, they smelled super moldy and wet still. Guess I will just have to wait and actually wash them next week. 

Somedays are more exciting than others, like when celebrated Lindsey's birthday down the hall, and all sang to her and had a cake delivered.

Another day, we had a robot suddenly show up to our rooms to deliver our dinner!! 
On my 12th day of quarantine, I also had to spit in another test tube to be tested once again for Covid before my eventually release mid day on day 15.

It's the little things that keep me going. I have my up and my down days, but I feel like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel now.  I still have my daily temperature checks 3x a day, and I am starting to get used to this massive microchip attached to my arm, but we're just taking it one day at a time. 

One of the hard parts is Hong Kong may not have had a single Corona Virus case in a few weeks now, but China has started the process of trying to take back the country, causing protesting and riots to break out once again throughout the city here. I am safe, and know how to avoid these protests, however, it breaks my heart a bit to see this beautiful city I call home have to deal with all of this once again. 

We have also not had an update on Mike's visa just yet, and the waiting game is getting harder and harder. I would love to have him here with me as soon as possible, so keep praying. 

If you really want to know what it's like in quarantine, check out my music video I made while trying to keep myself busy-

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