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you are the dancing queen, young and sweet, stuck in quarantine

I am overwhelmed at the amount of love and support from around the world right now! Thank you for all your kind wishes for my safety and health, and let me be the first to say I wish the same for you and your families! 

Just in case you missed my journey to get to Hong Kong, go back a post HERE because I am going to jump right back in where I left off.

So I have just had some bready breakfast in government hotel quarantine #1, and had to wait til about 3pm for my Covid 19 test results. It would appear we had to wait this long because they tested our whole flight and if anyone on our flight were to test positive, we would have to take some other steps. At around 3pm, everyone in our hotel received a phone call on the hotel phone telling them their results.

I have officially tested negative for Corona Virus, so I was cleared to go on to the next quarantine hotel for the remainder of my 13 days. I packed up my belongings, said goodbye to my stage, and waited 45 minutes for the elevator while everyone else cleared from testing tried to all leave at the same time....

Leaving the hotel, we were outside waiting for a taxi to drive us to the next quarantine hotel Disney had set up for us, when I realized that would be my last time experiencing the outdoors for a solid 13 days.

My taxi ride made me so excited to be back in Home Kong, it almost had felt like I never left. I will get to really see you soon my friend!

I checked into the hotel, and headed up to the 30th and highest floor of the hotel.

My room was nice and spacious with a big king sized bed, bathtub, and beautiful window with a view!


I have a beautiful view of the city and Ocean Park (which is like the SeaWorld of HK!).

 If you look closely (really closely...) you can see the marquee for Ocean Park- closer look in the photo of Mike and I visiting in 2015. 
In my room was also a package from Disney waiting for me, complete with lots of snacks, some laundry detergent to wash my clothes in the bathtub, and a yoga mat! 
I have been doing some sunrise yoga every morning so far, just to refresh from a 28 hour flight and stretch out a bit (and what else are you going to do when you wake up at 6am every day due to jet lag). 

Speaking of jet lag, even with the 12 hour difference, I have actually been doing ok, but I think it's mostly because of the melatonin gummies I take before bed (highly recommend these ones). Usually we do not get the down time to adjust to the time difference the first few weeks of a contract here, so I am grateful actually.  

Since the hotel staff cannot enter our rooms, and we are not permitted to leave under any circumstances (other than fire or emergency obviously), the hotel left us a packet on how to clean your room, including how to empty your trash, clean your toilet, and make your bed. 

Some highlights of my day include my meals being delivered to my door 3x a day with no contact. I have made it a game to try and catch the hotel staff that delivers the food but they are always way down the hall by the time I get the door open. I swear they drop the bag and run.
I was able to tell them what things I am allergic to or have sensitivities to, but other than that, we don't ever know what is coming. Luckily, so far, things have been pretty good, even though I have had a HORRIBLE time not breaking my fork every time I use it. 
*Special note about congee- it is a very traditional HK dish, which is like a boiled broth from rice. Think of it like savory oatmeal. It is not my favorite HK dish however, so whenever this is served, know I am most likely eating cereal instead. 

Another visit happens around 3-4pm where we place one of the masks on the hotel staff provided us with to have our head scanned and temperature checked. 
lol this a terrible photo, but showing you how the temperature check does not include any contact

This is on top of the two temperature checks (1 time in the morning, 1 time in the evening) I have to take and record on my own.

Other than that, my day is mostly me trying to occupy my time. I have been watching Netflix, doing a diamond painting, working on crosswords, working out, facetiming Mike or my family, doing an embroidery project, people watching on the building across from me (which has a cute little light show every night from 7-7:30pm). Also, I can see into that buildings bathrooms at night, which makes me laugh way too hard. 

I also have a little bit of work to do for orientation and traditions (which I have now taken 4 times including at Disney World....) during the day to give me something to do.

I am also in communication with quite a few of the other Disney folks also in quarantine in this hotel as well, and we chat on our phones (or yell down the hall/wave through the window) to keep each other company. 
oh hey Lydia!

So far, I am actually enjoying my alone time a bit. I cannot wait for Mike to join me at some point too, however. Say a little prayer that his visa comes through quickly, and we are safely able to get him here. Til then... I will be here... not leaving....or going anywhere.....just here....

Also, be sure to follow along on my instagram- @theprincesssdiaries for my day to day activities. 

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