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it's too people-y outside

I am absolutely loving being back in Hong Kong. It really feels like I have never left, and I am home all over again.

Especially because Hong Kong Disneyland is officially open as of June 18! Everything has been running pretty smoothly thus far, with smaller crowds, more shows, and all guests in masks. Although I was off work opening day, I was at home cheering on Ariel, Rapunzel, Merida, Elsa, Tiana, and the whole cast at home on Instagram live!

I had my first swim back with Ariel on Saturday, June 20, which I had not realized til later that I had what I thought was to be my final swim with Ariel on June 20 in 2016, so it was a very weird, full circle moment. 

Shows have been really fun to jump back in to, and I am incredibly grateful to my friends and fans for taking such beautiful photos to share (especially Belle, Bertha, Dom, So Ban, Veronica, & Adam). 

Also- look closely cause this one cracks me up:

I am even more excited for next week, however, because Mike gets out of quarantine on June 27 and will be coming to the park! Yay! He has been doing so well staying isolated, having his temperature taken, and eating boring food. 
We have tried to keep him busy with crosswords, dot to dot books, working out, playing the Switch, having Jackbox family game nights, and Facetiming as much as possible. 

On my day off, I brought him a warm meal of McDonalds because it wouldn't be quarantine without it!

Broke my heart to see him and still not be able to touch; I really can't wait for him to be out to explore soon!

Mike and I's engagement anniversary was on June 18 while he was in quarantine as well, so I am excited for him to get out so we can celebrate properly (with dim sum of course).

Before his arrival, I had a little exploration time on my own, and with Lindsey. We took the Star Ferry to enjoy the beautiful HK skyline...

we are not currently wearing our masks because there was no one on this boat anywhere remotely near us- wear your masks folks.

had some delicious Michelin Starred pan fried soup dumplings-

and just explored a bit-

Of course, always having to come back to hang out at the pool because the humidity here is 900% at all times and I feel like a sweaty mess after just stepping outside.
And when you are all off and it's 100 degree heat, what else do you do except go to the beach!

One of the other highlights from this week was my visit to a store new to Hong Kong, but I have been to it in Japan, Don Don Donki. This place is insane, and I was pretty sure I would have to move in because I could not find my way back out. It is like a really chaotic Walmart that has a ton of just random things. Almost walked out of there with an Olaf snow cone making machine, but just settled for some treats and snacks instead. 

a whole wall of Ichiran ramen!

tons of those tiny Japanese food kits 

these sure did taste like a party!

Just insane. They also had a full food court right outside of it with different Japanese restaurants too. I will absolutely be back.

In other major news- MY NEPHEW HAD HIS FIRST BIRTHDAY! I am lucky to get to Facetime with this little one and his parents often enough to watch him grow a bit, but man is he getting big fast.

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Unknown said...

LOVE the pics of you back on stage <3 And also soup dumplings!! So jealous!

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