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what a year this week has been...

Michael has arrived in Hong Kong!!!! Yay!! I am so happy he had a smooth trip (even through a typhoon) from Buffalo to HK and is all set up in his quarantine hotel now, awaiting Saturday June 27 for his freedom day.
He was very happy to have his own row on his international flights as well.

  Sadly, with all the Coronavirus precautions, I was not able to greet him at the airport, but he was greeted by the warm Hong Kong air, and was excited to be home again as well.
After going through all of his testing procedures, just like I did, he was able to check in to the government provided hotel for one evening, while awaiting his test results. 

After he received his phone call about his negative result, he was able to be sent on his way to his next quarantine location. 

When he checked into his quarantine hotel, I was briefly able to meet him for a suitcase swap. I had a suitcase full of groceries and he had some items he wouldn't need til later I took to our home, so I got to quickly wave hello! (It was a little heartbreaking having to keep our distance from each other, however).

Mike is staying at a different hotel than I did, and has chosen not to purchase the meals from the hotel, so instead he is lucky to have a wonnnnderful wife to deliver some things to him  (even if it did mean lugging around the worlds heaviest suitcase with two full jugs of water and then carrying his very broken suitcase on the way back with only one functioning wheel and no handle...).  

After he checked in, he headed up to his room where he will stay til I get to see him next....

bye bud <3 good luck!

While waiting for Mike to get out of quarantine, I have had a few things to keep me busy. Saturday, June 13, it was FOUR expats birthdays, so we celebrated all day. First, from our show was Lydia and Olivia, where we through them a surprise brunch party. 

The festivities then continued to the pool-

And finally concluded with a PARTYYYY for Phil at our home-

All of these parties also took place during a typhoon, which only got up to a T3 (signals go up to T10), so it was barely even raining. 

When it's not typhooning, I have had a little bit of time off to go out and explore and eat, let's be honest. I brought Lindsey to my favorite little dim sum place, Tim Ho Wan, and had to get my pork buns!

I also brought Renna to one of my favorite Japanese Ramen spots, Tokyo Tsukiji-
A group of expats also went out together to Discovery Bay for delicious Taco Tuesday (and were greeted by a beautiful, MASSIVE rainbow)....

When I am not stuffing my face (which is never), I am home cuddling my newest friend, Stella Lou!

Stella Lou is one of Duffy's (Disney's official teddy bear) friends. We have Olu the turtle from our stay at Aulani, and needed to add this cutie to our collection as well. We also got the mini version too because I am a sucker.

In other exciting news, we have received word Hong Kong Disneyland will be opening to the public on Thursday, June 18, and we are all approved and show ready! 

While the park opening is scheduled to happen on my off day, I am excited to see things start moving again here soon. This new castle HK is constructing is so beautiful and deserves to be seen, and I cannot wait for it to be fully completed!  

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