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when this is over please continue to stay 6 feet away from me, thank you

Well folks, I am not sure how, but somehow, we did it. I made it out of quarantine alive and with my brain (somehow) still in tact. 

I was on what I thought was 2 days left til I was permitted to leave, when one of the girls I had entered quarantine with had mentioned we were out the following day. I looked at my paperwork, and sure enough, I had counted wrong, and we were out the next day! What an amazing surprise! On Friday at midnight, I received a message from my app telling me I could remove my bracelet and I had successfully completed my stay at home orders.

I said goodbye to my dancing lights across the way that had entertained me so well every evening and had some final entertainment from friends before having my final temperature check.

final temperature check

At noon on Saturday, after our final meal, we packed up our belongings, said farewell to our rooms, and LEFT!!! We checked out of the hotel and Disney arranged a shuttle to take us to our cast homes. I constantly felt like someone was going to tell me to get back into my room. It was so strange to be outside and see other people again. It was also a very emotional (and rainy) bus ride, being back in Hong Kong, and really feeling like I was finally home.

our quarantine hotel from the outside!

if you look closely you can see the little Mickey head on the sign 

I settled into my room, which was a bit strange, since the layout was the exact same of my last contract a year and a half ago, almost making me feel as though I never left. 

I had a chance to unpack, and add some homey touches, but I still feel like I have quite a ways to go before it really feels cozy.

 Also not quite used to someone not bringing me food for every meal, and actually having to cook for myself again, but I made it to Park and Shop, our local grocery store, where things have been updated quite a bit! It was incredibly busy, and although everyone has a mask on, social distancing was near impossible. Every single store you enter here also takes your temperature before entering. 

swiss cake!! my fav!
Walking around for the first time in quite some time I found to be exhausting! My first meal out was finally some of my favorite Japanese Ramen, before meeting and hanging out with some of the girls on my contract. 

The next day we also were off, and allowed us a little time to explore. Lydia and I met up for a Starbucks and a little walk around the (incredibly hot and humid) park nearby.

There is no date for Disney to be set to open here yet, but in the meantime, we are keeping busy rehearsing the show and getting it ready to go.
We began work on the weekday, and it was so lovely to be back at Disney again! It's been a busy week full of training and rehearsals, but so happy to be home. 
first day of school!
It especially feels like home when driving the gorgeous bus ride to work...

We also currently all have the weekends off together, which is lovely because we all get to hang out together, which doesn't usually happen! So relaxing swims at the pool have become very common as Summer is in full swing here. 

We also had some time getting to know the other expats on a bowling night out! 
Needless to say I did not win, but it was a good time.

I also spent my weekend running some errands, including trying to locate a FedEx to have Mike's visa shipped out, which turned into getting lost with Scarlett and stranded in the middle of a very hot and humid highway and walking in both directions for over a half an hour (Scarlett you are a trooper!!). 

Eventually I found my way to FedEx, which was no where near Google Maps had initially told me it was....

But we still had some delicious food for lunch (PepperLunch! my fav), making the experience worth it. Another errand was getting all my bank info set up, where we made a pit stop for some of my favorite HK treats, like pineapple buns and egg tarts.

And some other incredible news- MIKE'S VISA WAS APPROVED AND HE HAS BOOKED HIS FLIGHT! Mike will be flying out here and arriving on June 13, the same route I went (through Tokyo), so hopefully we do not have any issues. He also will have to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival, which will be so weird to be in the same country but not actually together yet. Cannot wait to have him here with me though!

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