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Slept 9 hours last night! Absolutely locked and loaded for another big day of hand washing and looking out the window!

On July 15, the Hong Kong government closed non essential entertainment venues in Hong Kong due to the 3rd wave of Covid cases, this included Hong Kong Disneyland. At the moment, HK Disney is only continuing to be closed one week at a time, and every once in a while I am still able to go to work for small rehearsals, so we are just hanging on at the moment.
The numbers have been steadily increasing here in Hong Kong, with the most being 133 new cases in one day. We are still being safe, wearing masks, washing hands, and staying indoors, as everyone else globally should be doing, especially since I know you are all as anxious to get back to work and normal life as I am.
Before the park closed, I was very fortunate to receive some lovely photos of my fishy friend-

Before the shut down, Mike and I were lucky to get to do quite a few adventures together. We also got to have one last Disney day in the parks together to enjoy some treats and rides-
I finally got a Mickey pretzel!

we met Ant Man & The Wasp! 
had our favorite Tomorrowland burger lunch

Mike saw his last MWB show for a while 

rode Small World

The one thing I really wanted to do was ride Orbitron with Stitch, and we got super lucky and finally were there at the right time to do so!

Mike also got to ride Dumbo with Mickey and Minnie for a magical moment as well! It was a great way to say see ya later to HK Disneyland for a bit. 

Some other adventures we have had was our visit Discovery Bay Beach, while Mike did (his last for a while) Dragon Boat practice-

We hiked with our friends Tami & Josiah to the Sai Kung waterfalls- 

I am obviously not a big hiker, especially when it is 94 degrees out with 90% humidity, but Mike loves the outdoors, and I am anxious to have something to do, so lots of hiking it is! 

We hiked with our friend Lindsey to the Ng Tung Waterfalls, where there were 4 sets of waterfalls you can swim in! 

The third and main waterfall we were unable to swim in though because there was a snake in the water freaking everyone out. At one point it actually swam right toward us and under the rock I was sitting on, and that was enough for me. 
Earlier in the week, we had also been chasing waterfall at the Yuen Long Pavillion Park a little closer to home-

and we also discovered Dragon Park nearby on accident-

We also had a very special reason to celebrate this week, it was our 2 year wedding anniversary on July 21! We had rescheduled our plans for this day 100 times, so when the day actually came, the only thing we were really able to do to celebrate was go to High Tea at Madem Fu's. We also had to take the famous Hong Kong escalators to get to our destination-

I love food and high tea, so we were not disappointed, but it is definitely a weird time to be celebrating anything in the world these days. I am incredibly happy to be lucky enough to actually celebrate with Mike here, both of us actually together, and that we were able to do anything at all!


We had some delicious little treats along with our tea-
Honey Mascarpone Delight 
Prawn, Pesto and Mandarin Crostini (our favorite savory dish) 
Grapefruit Tartlet 

Chicken Wardolf and Pear Sandwich

Ginger Scone with Clotted Cream and Lychee Rose Jam (our favorite sweet item!)
Avocado and Pomegranate Choux
Passionfruit and Mango Lamington 

Watermelon with Goat Cheese with Mint
Blood Orange Petit Gâteau

and to top it all off, Mike surprised me with a peach flavored gelato rose- 

For someone who is big on not buying flowers, this was definitely a sweet surprise <3 

Happy anniversary, my love!
We also had one more surprise for both of us on the way home from high tea. One of the best things I have ever eaten was in Tokyo, and they have opened a new store in Hong Kong called Arirang that serves this delicious snack. It's a Korean treat, kind of like a corn dog but it can have mozzarella cheese in the middle, rolled in french fries, and topped with coconut sugar and various sauces. 

I had also had another Korean treat earlier in the week with an old pal from my Golden Mickey days, Albee! We grabbed some Korean BBQ and were able to catch up before everything shut down.

I am really struggling to find purpose during this time, especially because we are doing a lot of just sitting around in our room lately trying not to go out or be around other people. I am really struggling to try to remain positive, but trying really hard to just take everything one day at a time. Remember to be kind to one another and yourself during this trying time, and for heavens sake wear a mask.

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