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You Want to go outside? But Ruffians! Thugs! Posion Ivy! Quicksand! Cannibals and snakes, oh the plauge! YES!

Mike successfully complete quarantine here in Hong Kong on Saturday, June 27 and it is sooooo nice to have him here with me!
He packed up really early in the morning, said goodbye to his room he lived in for 14 days of isolation, and headed to me!

I met him at the bus stop out in front of our home where I could FINALLY hug him!
We spent most of the day outside in the sunshine to get him some fresh air.
(masks were worn and only quickly removed for this photo)
And naturally got him as many HK treats as fast as possible, including- 

Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum

pork buns! 
Ichiran Ramen-

 Pepper Lunch-
Egg Tarts-
bubble tea-
 and some new favorites like CoCo Ichibanya Japanese Curry-

Since getting out, we have spent a lot of time together adventuring and exploring Hong Kong (in our masks- WEAR A MASK, FOLKS).

 One of my favorite adventures has been an evening junk boat birthday celebration for our Disney cast mate, Dante!

Lydia & I Titanic-ing 

We also got word we are officially allowed back into Disneyland, and it's been incredibly nice to get to see my home once again (even if it is a million degrees!).
We got to see the absolutely beautiful new castle-

We bought another new friend, Cookie Ann-
and celebrated the new arrival of our old pal Olu-
We said hello to our old pal Albert the monkey at Mystic Manor-
We also met some new MARVEL friends-

 and had some delicious treats, like this peach/vanilla swirl ice cream from the new ice cream parlor on Main Street-

 and the new Mickey shaped bubble waffles with bavarian cream-

But the thing I was most excited for was riding the new Ant Man & The Wasp Nano Battle ride. It replaced Buzz Lightyear, but you still have a similar experience shooting at targets and acquiring points.

The laser was way more accurate than it usually is on Buzz, and the story incorporated a lot more interactive screens than Buzz, which was really neat! If you want a chance to ride along and check it out click here!

 Needless to say...Mike crushed me (in my defense, I was hardly shooting the laser though because I was just taking in the elements of the ride!). 

My incredibly supportive husband has also been to see Mickey and the Wondrous Book a million times (he says Ariel is his favorite part, so I guess it's a good thing I have a lot of photos of her).

(special thanks to Sherman, Faith, Belle, Katherine, Una, & all the other amazing photographers! <3)

Side Bar: Very excited to still be swimming under the sea with this little fishy again, however, I am also super pumped to sing with Mother Gothel soon (because after all, Mother Knows Best)!

Hong Kong Disneyland has another park (not amusement, but actual park) attached to it, called Inspiration Lake. It's within a small bus ride or a little more of an ambitious walk from the park itself, but Mike has spent a lot of time there this week training with the Disney Dragon Boat team. He does not have previous experience with this type of sport, but as a very athletic guy, and a previous Disney cast member, he was excited to try it out.

Mike has also had a really promising job interview recently, but more to come on that after we get some additional information. 

Here in Hong Kong, the number of local Covid cases had suddenly begin to increase ever so slightly, including a HK Disneyland guest who had contracted the virus. It's some scary times we are living in, and I hope everyone is remaining safe and sane. 

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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Hong Kong is a beautiful place i miss it there ..happy to see you back and thank you for sharing your beautiful adventours with us..***keep safe and enjoy :)

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