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We are more fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves -John Glenn

 On September 25,  Hong Kong Disneyland officially reopened to the public after being closed for around 72 days for it's second time due to Covid. Mickey and the Wondrous Book shows were finally allowed to reopen on October 1. 

It's really nice to be back to a mostly normal work situation, and I feel incredibly fortunate, but it does not mean my heart is not broken for all my Disney World and Disneyland California cast members state side who are daily finding out their jobs have been taken away from them. My heart goes out to all of you, and if there is absolutely anything I can do for you during this difficult time, please don't hesitate to reach out. Keep dreaming, keep creating magic, and know you made such a difference. Every swim I take with Ariel these days I see your faces flash into mind and together we create happiness. 


We have been able to go into the park and play, which also I feel lucky to do, and have that little sprinkle of Disney magic when the world seems so dark and difficult right now. The front of the new castle is mostly completely, with the exception of the ground area in the front, so it's still currently blocked off (but it's STUNNING!). 
With Halloween events cancelled, there are no Halloween decorations, including the giant Mickey pumpkin, which honestly, bums me out a bit. Every once in a while, you will happen upon a Halloween treat though, like the salted caramel pumpkin milkshake at Corner Cafe, and with the slight cool down in humidity, it does feel like Fall is upon us!
One of my favorite things that came along with this park reopening are the new selfie spots with characters. It's a great way to safely interact with Mickey and his friends and spread a little joy.   

We also brought home our new friend Gelatoni (the gelato painting cat!) to add to our little Duffy family. 

The park reopened on October 1, which is a holiday here in Hong Kong, Mid Autumn Festival. Usually for Mid Autumn there is an incense fire dragon and lots of lanterns on display, but this year with Covid all the events were cancelled. Instead, we sat out in the community park where there was live music, and children playing with their lanterns, while we ate our Haagen- Dazs snowy mooncakes. 

Being back at work now means less time to go out and explore, but we still have had our fair share of adventure, especially when it comes to food (as always). 
This really cool looking galaxy sphere was from Kwai Fong Rainbow Cakery and was make of white chocolate. On the inside was an oreo cake!

Also a Kwai Fong famous treat, deer pudding from Deerlicious Pudding! This one was not my favorite to eat but it was super cute!
Still in Kwai Fong were these tasty little cheesy potato bites from Yummy Corner.  This photo was taken right before I brilliantly dropped them on all the ground on accident.. oops.
One of my favorite stands in Kwai Fong though is One More Pancakes delicious crepes! This one was a bavarian cream with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce crepe and I devoured it!

Since it's finally cooling down out a bit, that means it is almost 'eat ramen for every meal' season, right? We finally introduced Lindsey to Ichiran, and she has not stopped talking about it (for good reason). 

Out near Mike's new job is another Japanese Ramen place that might be a new favorite- Tenno Ramen. Usually we get Tonkotsu Ramen where ever we go, but I went out on a limb and got the 'special of the day' flavor and it was delicious! 

After ramen, we found dessert at a famous pancake stall called (maybe?) Hung Hum Pancake. The owner recommended we try the fresh mango & cream pancake, and insisted on a photo with Mike (this is now my new favorite photo ever). 

(Also near Mike's work is this random Aeon store in the middle of a boat in the street?)

Every once in a while the urge for familiar food back home is strong, so we find ourselves in places like Cadillac Bar & Grill for taco Tuesday.  Taco Tuesday back home is absolutely missing out on this gorgeous view though. 
We also recently found ourselves back in Greece, visiting Santorini, which I cannot say enough good things about! It was delicious!

One of my favorite food adventures was to Flippers, who are known for their famous Japanese jiggly pancakes. They recommend you eat it with 2 forks, but we really couldn't figure out how or why, lol. 

We tried the nutella with a caramelized banana and the fruit and whipped cream (my favorite). They tasted like eggy fluff with a light sweetness. Yummy but absolutely more fun to play with!

One of our adventures during our extra day off a week we currently have, where we visited 10,000 Buddhas, which I haven't been to since my very first HK contract, over 7 years ago. This monastery is made up of a LOT of Buddha statues that all look totally different.

Off to the side there was this beautiful waterfall, but upon approaching it, we awoke a very protective dog, which was super frightening. Everyone was ok, but it was enough to maybe not want to go back there, ha. 

 Coming home from 10,000 Buddhas, we passed Snoopy World, which is totally free, and absolutely adorable. 

There is a little canoe ride which is incredibly slow, but Lindsey made a little buddy on the ride and we all had a good time.

Lindsey and I had also ventured out to the city to run some errands, where she had her first Ding Ding experience! Ding Dings are little trams in HK and are pretty convenient, however, it was DOWN pouring as we rode, and we got pretty soaked. 
We needed to kill some time waiting on the rain to stop, so naturally, we stopped by Mame and Shiba Cafe to get some puppy snuggles in!

Lindsey clearly was feeling protective over these puppies.... lol! Absolutely kidding, but this picture above cracks me up. 
One other really cool thing that happened this week, was something you have been hearing about for almost a year now. I was really fortunate last year to be pulled in as a photo double for Trudy Cooper on the new tv series, The Right Stuff, and it was finally released on Disney+ (well 2 episodes for now have been). 
It's really difficult for me to express my journey with this show and how much it means to me, but basically, this show kind of changed my life. Long story short, I was in a horrible job at the time, and I absolutely hated it. It had been a few months of feeling totally lost and passionless. I had never really done any kind of work on a set at all, so I was pretty excited to hear about this opportunity. After I was called in as a photo double, I was then offered a few extra spots. I then was cast in a featured extra role, then after some crazy twists and turns, I found myself on the set of this show almost every single day for half a year either working on background casting, extra work, stand in work, or talent wrangling. 
I fell in love with set life, and found it to be so addicting. I was able to leave my other horrible job, and through my connections with FrontRunner Casting, I found myself on Disney and Universal commercial sets, and even landed a lead, speaking role in 2 national commercials in less than half a year. This is nothing I ever saw myself doing, and I totally fell in love with it. We were able to have Mike come in for a few shoots as well, and I loved being able to share this with him. I still don't feel like these words I have written honestly convey what some would not quite understand as it was just 'extra work', but it really changed a lot about my life (Thanks Melanie, Noelle, Paula, Ryan, and the FR team!). If you find yourself watching episodes 1 and 2 of The Right Stuff, I have attached some help below on how and where to spot us and will do the same once the next few episodes come out-

Keep an eye out for new episodes every Friday!

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